Monday, April 22, 2013

Answers to some comments

I won't be posting a photo of Midnight Moogies till it's actually finished.  The leaves are done and just the checkerboard border on the left is yet to stitch.  But I thought I'd answer some of the questions from the comments.

The stitched area is 16 3/8" wide and 13" high, so the piece is 270 square inches of nearly solid stitching.  Since it takes me roughly an hour to stitch one square inch, I have probably spent 270-300 hours [allowing some extra time for frogging mistakes and stitching/counting confetti] on this piece.

I regret that I stitched it on the recommended 14 ct Navy Blue Aida.   I really dislike Aida.  And, had I stitched it on a 32 ct or 36 ct linen, it would have finished up a much more manageable size.  Perfect for a throw pillow.

The magazine containing the chart is already promised to Linda and will be winging its way to her sometime this week.  A number of people have asked for the chart but Linda was the first to do so.

It was a fun stitch ... not at all my usual style but something about it appealed to me.

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Vickie said...

It is fun!! Hooray! Carry on!