Friday, February 8, 2013

The Promised Photo

I know I said I'd try to post a photo on Tuesday but the days have been overcast and grim precluding any outdoor photos.  And the flash on my digital camera simply isn't strong enough to make an indoor photo worthwhile.  I live in a townhouse and though I have lamps everywhere I can plug one in, the place is still darker than I like.  Since my Ott light died, I haven't taken many indoor photos at all.  The Ott light did seem to give just the right boost to the digital's flash and without it ... well, things are not at all the same.

And today, it is snowing, with predictions for twelve to twenty inches in our area.  There are predictions of power loss as well.  I am going to stitch as long as I have light and hope to finish the third side [left, vertical] of the grey border and stitch a few more leaves and petals in the lower right corner of Midnight Moogies.  We are supposed to have snow into tomorrow morning but maybe by the afternoon, I'll be able to get outdoors for a photo.


Eva said...

Hi Riona!

Have you been able to replace your Ott light? If not, check and see if you have a Big Lots store near you. They have a Daylight lamp for $29.99 for the floor lamp, less for the desk lamp, and it is wonderful! I now have two of them so I don't need to move my stitching lamp from room to room.


CalamityJr said...

I have to smile at your priorities - you're about to get 12-20 inches of snow, and you don't say a word about food or heat, just that you'll stitch as long as there's light and that you'll (hopefully) take a photo of your progress tomorrow afternoon. You certainly will have a bright background for your photo session!
Seriously, though, enjoy your stitching time, but be careful if you have to go out.