Monday, February 4, 2013

Just checking in

I've rewarded myself with a splash of color, having finished one more leg of the interminable grey border of Midnight Moogies.  So I have finished one of the bright green leaves in the lower right corner and started on the flowers.  It seems almost ungrateful to complain about the grey border since during the month of January I really wasn't up to anything more challenging than rote stitching ... so I'll just say it has been pleasant to work in color again. But, because I am determined to finish this piece this month, I will not be abandoning the border completely.  I'll spend the rest of today's stitching time on it during my lunch and dinner breaks.  Maybe by Tuesday I'll be satisfied enough with my progress to post another photograph.


Vickie said...

Have a fantastically, stitchy day Regina!

blue star stitcher said...

When I am bored with a piece, changing colors always renews my enthusiasm for it.