Sunday, November 11, 2012

A while ago I offered a giveaway

... and life got in the way of choosing winners.  But I have finally gotten around to doing so and will be e-mailing the winners to ask for mailing addresses sometime Monday.

Joyce gets JBW Designs'  Dear Santa and Jeanette Douglas Designs'  Sweet Pumpkin
Angela gets Praiseworthy Stitches'   Sassy Bat
Linda gets Rosewood Manor's  Crows' Feet Quilt BlockCross Stitch & Needlework, November 2010, Lavender Wings'  Esmeralda's Brew and Tempting Tangles Designs' Valentina, the baby chimp
Mary gets The Victoria Sampler     State Hearts: Massachusetts        
Kay The Victoria Sampler     Boo Buttons #5: Muscateer and Catpunzel.


Joyce Clark Frank said...

Thanks so much. I like JWB designs.
Have not stitch many, but have them in my to do stash.
Will email my address as soon as I get your email.

barbara said...

What a lovely and generous giveaway! Congrats to the happy winners!

Mary said...

Yay! Thank you - now I'll have a state heart for all of the places that are significant to my family - until some one moves!

Thank you,

Mary in MN

Kay said...

Yay! Thank you so much! Will watch for your email!