Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Small Finish

I didn't have my camera handy when posting yesterday and so failed to post a photo of Papillion Creations' Moonlight Serenade complimentary chart.  Here it is done on a scrap of Meditation 28 ct linen using Needle Necessities flosses that have long since been separated from their labels: a lavendar/blue/sage overdyed cotton and a very subtle silver/grey overdyed cotton.  I'll probably stitch it up as a small pillow.  Since the fabric scrap I used was just a little narrower than  required, I substituted three beads for a motif that extended about ten threads [or five cross stitches] beyond the main square shape.  I think it looks perfectly balanced.  Before I go back and stitch the cross motif in the very center, I am going to go through my button stash to see if I have something appropriate to use instead.  Though in all other areas of my life, I hold to the "less is more" philosophy, I like to embellish my stitching.  Tastefully, of course ... nothing garish or outrageous ... but still, a little glamour.  I have a lovely floral trim that picks up the colors of the main floss that I want to use on the border between the fabric and the stitched piece so I don't want to over do the embellishment.  If I can't find a suitable button or charm, I'll probably just stitch the cross motif in the same beads I used on the border.  I finished this piece Sunday evening.    I do apologize for the purple cast of the photo: my new Brite Light lamp does not provide as daylight-like a field of illumination as my old Ott-lite.  But I hope to find a bulb for the Ott-lite tomorrow, if I have to visit every electrical supply and lighting fixture shop in the county.

Since then I have been working on Dragon Dreams 2011 Compassion Dragon which has been tweaked mightily, of course ... but more on that tomorrow when I expect to be able to post a finish photo.


Angela Cruz-garcia said...


Linda said...

Congrats on the finish. What a pretty piece.


Stitchinowl said...

Very pretty finish! I love the fabric you used.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's so pretty.
I'm supposed to be stitching a Papillon freebie tonight but I just wasn't feeling it, too bitty! So I'm blog surfing instead, I feel like I'm bunking off school LOL.