Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

I tried to vote before work but busloads of senior citizens from the several senior "villages" in our area pretty much filled the parking lot and created long lines at our polling place.  When I returned after work, things were better.  Even after waiting on three different lines to sign in, to use a privacy booth and to feed my ballot into the voting machine, the whole process took a little less than thirty minutes.

You know stitching has become a full-fledged addiction when you take a small piece with you when going to vote ... just in case you should have to stand in line for more than five minutes.  Anyway, I brought the Elizabeth Design's Stitcher's Hideaway Souvenir Needle Book project with me and got this far along  ... truth be told I did stitch on it for an hour or so Monday night and another hour Tuesday morning before heading out ... but most of the evergreen strand on the back of the needle book was stitched while waiting to vote.  The Rhodes Stitch berries were done once I arrived home again.  Now all I have to do is chart my name and stitch it on the back of my needle book.  I apologize for the poorly lit photo.  No outdoor photos are possible at this hour and I haven't managed to replace my OTT Lite bulb yet and am relying on my mini Vusion stitching lamp.  Just not the same effect!

I have a Prairie Schooler chart that I will have to stitch in time for next year's Election Day.  It has four ornaments:  Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and the donkey and the elephant done up in red-white-blue stripes.  Added to my existing patriotic ornaments, these would fill my table top ornament tree quite nicely.  It would also insert a holiday theme between Halloween and Thanksgiving, adding a bit more variety to the decor.  I could keep it up from Nov. 1 through Nov.11, covering the period that would include Election Day and Veteran's Day.  And, of course, I could use the ornaments again when I set up my usual patriotic tree from May 31st -July 4th.  One more thing to put on the list of stitching-things-to-do.

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