Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thinking About 2011

Fall seems to be a time for looking ahead for me. As a teacher, I tend to plan from September to August in my professional life so perhaps it is not surprising that October has me still in the planning zone and thinking about my upcoming crafting year.
So, as the weather turns cool and I sip warm spiced cider, I am beginning to mull over stitching goals for 2011. I know I will still want to stitch from stash ... having so durn much of it ... and I will continue to limit my purchase of new charts to five per year. The first time I tried this, three years ago, I went into serious withdrawal and ended up buying something like 12 charts. The second year was a wee bit easier, with only 6 or 7 charts purchased. This year, here it is October, and only three charts have been purchased with one on order ... not bad. Of course, I have a wish list of half a dozen or so charts I wouldn't mind receiving as gifts from my family ... sort of defeating the whole purpose of limiting stash purchases of my own. Much as I like the Halloween items on the wish list, I'll probably eliminate them since I have so many Halloween charts on hand at present. That being said, I'll probably make 2011 the year of stitching Halloween charts. I will also want to continue work on my Quaker animal charts so that by the end of the year I'll be able to make up my quilt from those pieces. And I'll continue work on my Town Square SAL, though that will be the only SAL or RR for the year. And, always presuming I finish TW's Autumn Faerie as my BAP for this year, I shall designate TW's Woodland Angel Stocking [for my grandson Liam] as my 2011 BAP. I figure I'll go easy on the ornament-a-month deal in 2011, having stitched the Bride's Tree SAL and quite a few Thanksgiving and Halloween ornaments this year. I'll try to stitch a few more hearts or similar ornaments to extend the use of my table top ornament tree into February, but that'll be it. At that point, I'll swear off ornaments until the JCS Halloween ornament issue comes out in September and I see something I just must stitch. Of course, the monthly UFO goal that I have been ignoring in 2010 will have to be reinstated in 2011. Perhaps, with fewer ornament making goals, I'll find the time to attend to UFOs. I'll also want to get started on my denim braided rug.
I have about two and a half months to finish up work on 2010 goals ... some of which have been rather neglected. Maybe I can come up with that last burst of energy to get across the finish line with most goals accomplished or, at least, with some serious progress made.
Well, enough of this daydreaming, ... er, I mean planning ... it's time to go to work this morning.


Chris said...

I have not done well with my goals this year either. I am starting to think about what I want to plan for 2011 also. I also need to stitch out of my stash instead of getting anything new but there are some things that I just can't seem to resist.
Thanks for reminding me of my goals!

Maggie O said...

Love your stitchery and your general musing - can hear myself talking there. What are goals?...ohh yes those are the things we planned on doing in a certain amount of time/ deadline before we got distracted or something like that. Thanks for reminding me. I think I have a few of those hanging around and will take care of it immediately, mmmm some stitching stuff to care of first. Great blog. Glad I found it.