Thursday, October 28, 2010

ISO A Quaker Angel Chart

If you have been reading along this year, especially in recent weeks ... you know I have been participating in the Bride's Tree SAL. I set out to stitch all twelve themes in the Quaker style, using the same 28ct Glasgow raw linen and Belle Soie silks and hemp cord hangers for each amd every ornament.
So far I have done pretty well finding existing charts: Jan-May and August and December were all readily available. I had to design my own charts for June and July but was able to find charts that I could adapt for September and October. The only piece missing now is a Quaker Angel for November. Before I go to the trouble of transforming one of the PS Blackwork angels into a Quaker angel, I thought I'd ask for help from my readers. If anyone knows of a chart that would suit my needs, please leave a comment below. It needn't be a free chart. I'll buy a chart if someone can point me in the direction of something I like. I have googled but just haven't the patience or time to wade through over fifteen pages of links ... I started to do so, but when I went through four pages without finding anything useful ... well, I figured an appeal to other stitchers might be a better way to search.

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Rachel S said...

Lavender and Lace has a really pretty little angel freebie with a quaker motif on it. if you go to, it should be on there. I forget what year it is, but it's really pretty