Friday, October 29, 2010

Okay, so I lied ...

... in my last post about dropping all ornament stitching for the time being and reverting to stitching on my BAP. But I was so close to finishing my September ornament for the Bride's Tree SAL that I just had to continue working on it till it was stitched and assembled. Progress is addictive. In any case, I'll have to stop work on the Bride's Tree SAL in a little while. I have just enough linen left to stitch the front of the October ornament but I'll need another piece [18x27] for the back of October and the fronts and backs of November and December. I'll be adapting the GOS Pinecone ornament that I stitched for Rachel last year to make it more Quaker-like for the October ornament and I have ordered Workbasket's Quaker Santa chart for the December ornament but I haven't even started looking for a Quaker angel chart for November yet. If any kind reader knows of one, I'd appreciate it if he/she would leave a link in the comments.

As I get closer to actually finishing up with this SAL, I get more and more excited about it. I've decided exactly how I am going to display the ornaments and in which room I shall place the tree. I rather like this whole SAL idea. I enjoy looking at other stitcher's ornaments on the Bride's Tree SAL blog and have seen many clever finishing techniques that I fully intend to use in the future. As for next year, I shall concentrate on the Town Square SAL and hope that others who signed up will begin to post to the blog as well. I intend to turn all my pieces into a coverlet for a queen size bed.

I also spent some time today on M Designs' Winnifred Witch. I still have quite a bit to do and am not sure it will hang on this year's Halloween tree. All the hair and the sign and the rest of the over one on the face need to be stitched as well as the backstitching ... and then, of course, there is the finishing to do. Maybe I'll be able to get it done tomorrow in between all the usual chores and errands. I really want to start something new and fresh for Rachel's Halloween SAL ... what I choose to do for that depends, in large measure, on whether my order from Stitchery Row arrives tomorrow.


Rachel S said...

You are making super progress. I am so in awe that you are keeping up so well with the Bride's Tree. I will start stitching the Town Square. It's just been crazy.

Mary said...

LOVE that teapot - and your adaptation worked so well!

I'm so impressed by your dedication to that SAL - and what a nice outcome - a great ornament collection!

Mary in MN