Monday, October 4, 2010

October Giveaway

This will be a sort of seasonal giveaway:
**2 Halloween charts, Raise the Roof's Sweet Tooth [chart only, no buttons] and Mini-Haunted Quilt by a gifted amateur designer
**a fall chart, Acorn Mini from Twisted Stitches.
**and two Glory Bee charts: The first, If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher, seems appropriate as we conclude the first month of school ... the winner might like to stitch it as a Christmas gift for a teacher. The second, Dinner Choices, also seems appropriate since so many families eat on the run this time of year with meetings, extracurricular activities and all sorts of car-pooling going on.

Five charts in all, folks.

If you wish to enter your name for this giveaway, the usual conditions will apply:
-- open to all stitchers
-- leave a comment below as to why you are interested in the giveaway
-- include an e-mail address in your post if clicking on your name will not lead me to an e-mail link
-- a winner will be selected on the 10th of the month and informed by e-mail
-- winners are asked to commit to PIF charts to other stitchers through message boards, guilds or stitching groups or to donate the charts to a women's shelter or prison, a nursing home or some other venue where a stitcher would enjoy them.

Good luck to all who enter.


Vicky said...

I would love to enter Riona and promise to PIF afterwards :)

Parsley said...

Looks like tons of fun to stitch these lovelies up. Please enter me.

AmyJo said...

Oh I would love to enter !! I just love Halloween it is my favorite holiday :) I promise to hold a PIF on my blog if I win and to also donate some stitching goodies to the local womens shelter.

BeanStitcher said...

What a generous thing to do, but I'm not surprised. It is so like you R. I am new to Halloween stitching, just finished my first Halloween themed ornament for an exchange. I don't have many weenie charts. Would love a chance at this bundle of joy and promise to PIF. Linda/PA

qsnap lover said...

I love the ornaments you ae making also please enter me for the Halloween charts I don't have any of those I will pif when done thanks Donna

Hillery said...

Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

ArchangelDecker said...

I would love to enter and would be honored to hold a PIF on my blog !

Thank you so much for the chance! :)

Kttycat said...

I would love to be entered.

natalyK said...

I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Carole said...

I love that RTR Sweet Tooth pattern and I would love to enter you contest. I will PIF the patterns if I win.


Laura said...

Please enter me! I especially love the squirrel (our favorite free past-time is watching them frolic around our yard) and I would love to stitch the teacher one for my son's 3rd grade teacher. My son is dyslexic and has fallen through the cracks, despite our working with him at home. This year his teacher said "We WILL get him reading" and she spends an extra 45 minutes after school with him once a week. So very fitting! And I'd PIF the other three right away. Thanks for your generous chance to enter the PIF! I like your blog and am new to it! Happy stitching,

Kat said...

I'd love to enter! I really love Raise the Roof Designs and I know exactly who I can PIF it to! Thanks for the chance!


Anonymous said...

Would love to enter.Need to start stitching again to help me deal with some difficult times ahead.i love Halloween.Will PIF

Daisie 123

Cindi J said...

I would love to have an entry in your giveaway. I follow (and visit) your blogsite frequently. I have several charts to do a PIF giveaway also.