Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Which UFO shall become my next WIP?

I have so many UFOs, mostly class pieces that never were completed once I got home and back into my usual stitching routines. I'd like to resurrect one in the month of August and see if I can complete it. So I put it to you, dear readers, which of the following do you think most worthy? I list them in no particular order ... or rather, in the order that I pulled them out of the basket.

Lori Birmingham's Pansy Garden Natucket Style Basket. This is a stump work project, billed as being easy enough for beginners. Pro: I have invested a great deal of money in this project, having paid for the class and purchased the basket. This will make a highly decorative sewing or project basket. It will be an interesting challenge since I've never worked with this style of embroidery. I have a thing for pansies, since they are my husband's favorite flower. Con: It's been 5 years since I took the class and, while I am as capable as anyone of reading directions, that's still a long time between the lesson and the implementation. It also looks like it will be a labor-intensive and time consuming project. And, for all that I worked diligently for the full two hours of the class, I have very little accomplished ... so it will be very much a case of starting nearly from scratch.

Karen Bovard's Filet Lace Name Class Piece. I took this class because I was enchanted by the photo of the finished piece ... talk about great marketing!!! However, I was incredibly bored by the actual class. Pro: the finished project is very desirable, always provided I do a good job. Con: I don't think I'll really enjoy working on this project, though who knows, if I develop a rhythm with this technique [as Ms. Bovard predicted] I may begin to like the process ... and I am as much a process as a project stitcher.

Catherine Jordan's Pretty Picot Edges. This was put aside because I think I messed up but frankly, I don't know enough about the techniques involved to be sure of that. Pro: Mastering the techniques in the projects in this class pack will be very useful in non-framed finishing of my other projects. I have plenty of suitable materials in my stash of banding and perle cotton to practice the techniques even after I have used up the class materials provided. I am very interested in mastering these skill sets. Con: Another long lapse, four years, between class and implementation. Possible frogging issues, if I ever figure out if I indeed made mistakes.

Phyllis Maurer's Japanese Kogin Tea Cozy. Another really attractive project. Ms. Maurer gave a great class with very clear written instructions for the actual stitching, though not for the sewing finish. Pro: I have many teapots that would look great dressed in this lovely cozy. The blue perle flosses that came with the project match my everyday china which includes a teapot. The actual technique is not difficult but does require careful attention to counting. Con: Considerable concentration would be required to make sure all the counting is correct. The sewing finish might be a bit problematic since I've only got a photo to go by. Spatial intelligence is definitely not my forte so working from a two dimensional photo to a three dimensional finished object could be an issue.

The Sweetheart Tree Holly & Hearts Sampler. A really great project. The only reason I put it down was because it requires intense concentration and I intended to pick it up again after a brief respite devoted to simple stitching. Pro: I am nearly half done with this project. It has loads of specialty stitching to keep up my interest. There are enough different fibers used in the project to keep it interesting texturally. The finished project will be gorgeous. Con: There is an awful lot of ever so slightly asymmetrical back-stitched tracery that requires very careful counting ... this is what had me crossing my eyes when I put it down the last time.

Victoria Sampler's Mystic Needle Smalls. Another really great project. I was going great guns on it and then just ran out of steam. I guess I just needed a change of scene. But I never did get back to it. Pro: a delightful project with lots of parts, a lovely design, some hardanger and specialty stitches to keep it interesting. I plan on taking another class with Thea next summer and it would be nice to have this set completed and displayed at my station at that time. Con: There is just so much of it, lots of parts. And, I haven't done any hardanger in about three years.

Brightneedle's Ghosts and Ghoulies Needle Smalls. A really cool exclusive class piece. Pro: the design is very appealling and the needlebook, biscornu and scissor fob set will make a very nice addition to my stitching accessories. Con: There are too many oh so similar symbols used in the chart ... virtually indistinguishable from one another on the one page chart ... causing me to use the wrong shade of silk for the lettering ... frogging over one is so tedious. Using the larger chart provided will alleviate that problem, but my personal preference has always been for one glance sees all sort of deal ... and why provide a one page chart when you are aware that it is conducive to errors ... actually, why use such similar symbols in the first place. I don't know at whom I am most annoyed: myself for making the error or the designer for making such a misleading chart.
So, please take a minute to vote in the poll in the sidebar and help me to make a decision.


Jennifer said...

Go for the one that is close to being finished. That way you can feel accomplished. You may even find that you are more willing to pick up another UFO right after you finish!

Best of Luck! Happy Stitching!

Cole said...

I tried to vote, but it wouldn't take my choice! I think Ghosts & Ghoulies sounds fun, even if the chart is a bit frustrating. Think of the accomplishment you'll feel once finished!

Eva said...

I have a purely selfish reason for picking the Lori Birmingham pansey basket....I love panseys, and I am hoping you will consider selling me the chart when you are finished!

Rita said...

I'd probably (in my present mood) pick the Halloween and Christmas ones and put them in a rotation with some small "quickies". With the holidays coming up, maybe you could finish one of them for this year....or next.

Anonymous said...

I would work on either the Mystic Needlework Smalls - Thea's projects are always gorgeous. Plus it would feel good to have this one finished before taking your next class next summer.

But, I also love Brigtneedle's Ghosts and Ghoulies...It has been on my wish list for a while now. I would love to see it finished. Or bettr yet... send it to me - I'll stitch yours up and then do one for myself!LOL

Rachel S said...

I would either do the ghosts, or else the one that is the closest to being finished. Sometimes you just have to slog through the projects you don't like. I find for me the dread of the project is worse than the actual work.