Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mid Year Assessment of Annual Goals

1. Stitch from stash ... purchasing no more than five new charts. This has been going well, I have purchased only 3 new chart thus far this year. My only other purchases have been fabric and floss to stitch up charts already in my possession. I decided to save all the invoices this year and track just how much I spend on stitching in a year. And how much of the total goes to charts, to fibers, to finishing materials, to classes and retreats.2. Blog every other day. I am actually exceeding this particular goal, at least as far as the numbers go. There have been a few two or three day gaps but there have also been several blocks of daily posts.3. Maintain reasonable monthly goals. Not so much ... I am still far more optimistic than is warranted by experience.4. Complete 3 BAPs: TW's Woodland Angel stocking for Liam and Dimensions Woodland Enchantress converted to a stocking for Piper ... to work with the Woodland Santa stocking I made for their Dad. In 2011, I shall have to come up with something equally woodsy for my daughter-in-law Christina to complete the set. I also want to complete Angela's Teresa Wentzler Autumn Faerie. This one is really problematic ... I can't seem to get motivated to tackle the big stuff.5. Complete 1 medium project a month, concentrating on Christmas and Halloween projects wth forays into Quakers. This has been working out nicely January through May but seems to have stalled in June.
6. Get to the bottom of the finishing basket and then keep up with sewing finishes each month. Up until the May crunch time at work, I was keeping up with sewing finishes for pieces stitched this year but I still have a basketful of projects left from last year.7. Stitch one or two ornaments a month, concentrating on Christmas and Thanksgiving ornaments this year. I have been keeping up with the Bride's Tree SAL for the Christmas ornaments and have been managing to stitch a fair number of Thanksgiving ornaments.8. Inventory and prioritize all UFOs [discarding those that are truly lost causes] and stitch at least five hours a month on UFOs. Well, I did a full inventory ... as to stitching items on the inventory ... that's another story entirely. So far, I have only finished and removed one UFO from the list.9. Do more work on my own design ideas. Not enough hours in the day though I am still keeping a journal of sketches and ideas for a time when I can devote more effort to this area.10. Finally back and quilt the feather-stitched crazy quilt top in time for Mary's 50th birthday in June ... after all, it was originally intended for her 16th birthday ... giving a whole new meaning to the the term belated. At least all those crazy colors from the 1970s are back in style again. Still in the UFO pile but maybe I'll take care of it during my July vacation.11. Continue to work on fitting up a stitching room. Sporadic progress.
12. Learn to knit. This will have to wait till Fall.
I have taken on a few new goals not on the original list: joining a round robin which is running from April to October, and taking an on-line class in encrusted crazy quilting for six weeks in June/July. Never let it be said that I bite off more than I can chew!


Parsley said...

I really like that you are setting goals like this. I'll be thinking on my own and do the same. you want to send in a recipe for my recipe exchange. Just check out my blog for details and spread the word if you wish. It will be fun!

Vicky said...

Great post, this has me thinking about my goals in the craft area.

Kim said...

Love the idea of setting goals, it looks like you are well on your way to completing them :)