Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting in the Mood for the Fourth

I thought I would post photos of various patriotic pieces I have done over the years.

Pictured here are a series of Erica Michael freebies[Liberty, America's Cup and the 9/11 Memorial Eagle] finished into a patriotic bellpull, a Glory Bee freebie obviously entitled 4th of July that I had framed and now use as part of the little patriotic display on the washstand in my entryway, a silly little Secret Needle Night chart named Liberbee that I made up as a banner and the 1st annual Red-White-Blue Quaker Heart by aury. I know I have done much more, but many of my pieces were given away long before I got in the habit of photographing them. I now make it a practice to photograph all my work before I give it away. It is certainly not as extensive a collection as others have stitched but most of the pieces, with the exception of aury's heart & Liberbee, were stitched shortly after the 9/11 tragedy and were part of my own way of working through the grief, anxiety and anger of those days. And isn't that what stitchers have done since the very first woman threaded a needle: recorded the events of the times with thread and fabric? I'll be starting the 2nd annual Red-White-Blue Quaker Heart by aury as my patriotic piece for tomorrow, on the actual fourth. I Have picked out a lovely Silkweaver 36ct cashel linen in Marine Blue as the backing and will be using Belle Soie silks: Sister Scarlet, Icing and Ocean.


Myra said...

Great patriotic pieces! Happy stitching tomorrow and Happy 4th!

Vicky said...

wonderful finishes Riona, happy 4th of july to you and yours (all the way from Australia)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those are all great! Its hard to find Canadiana out there!