Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #28

SALs and RR:
Linda's RR: Finished Dolores's piece on 7/14 and mailed it off on 7/16.
Town Square SAL: Val's Stuff's Train Depot, when attempting to kit this up I discovered I don't have any 28ct cashel linen in shades of blue [plenty in 36ct and even 40ct] and was also shy several needed WDW colors. So I placed an order with 123 stitch.

Focus Piece:

Medium Project: Workbasket's Mermaid Solo, Finished this one on 7/16, making my 26th stitching finish which averages out to a little less than one finish a week.

As I said, not an awful lot of stitching going on this past week. Reading seemed a more appropriate leisure activity and I did whip through Nora Roberts' The Search and Catherine Coulter's Whiplash ... both typical poolside reads ... thrillers with just enough plot and characterization to keep one interested but nothing that really taxed the intellect. I also read the very disappointing Time Together by Carol Burnett ... not much to it and what there was, was a rehash of what any fan already knew.

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Anonymous said...

Great finish Riona! I just finished the larger version of Mermaids Singling last week. I changed pretty much all of the colors on it. I stitched it on a hand-dyed blue linen.

Good job on finishing your 26th for the year - I'm right at abou 25 or 26 finishes too...I need to update my list. I've been thinking about starting a blog this summer too...I really do enjoy reading yours.

Did you pick your next UFO yet? I pulled out an old UFO - Millenium Cats from Pam Kellog as a fairly easy stitch that I can carry with me when I take the kids to the park or pool or whatever. I had stitched 4 of the 12 cats and then just stopped working on it.

Alex (Maxiecat on 123)