Monday, August 3, 2009

Second Blogaversary Coming Up: August 24

It's been two years since I began blogging. And I have made many wonderful cyberspace friends ... and have even met one or two of them face to face at GTGs or stitching retreats. I have learned a great deal from my fellow bloggers: I have broadened my stitching horizons to include new techniques and materials, I have found a wealth of information about all sorts of textile crafts, and I have added to the list of vendors who cater to people with this particular passion ... all in all, it has been a great ride and promises to continue to be so.

To celebrate, I am going to offer a Fiber Surprise Grab Bag containing five different specialty flosses as this month's giveaway: including a silk, a cotton, a bamboo, a rayon and a linen. I figure that's a great way to share the joy of wandering about in the wide wide wonderful world of fiber. To enter, post a message in the comments explaining why you already enjoy using a wide variety of fibers [you might name a few of your favorites] ... or, if you haven't yet ventured beyond the good old reliable DMC, why you'd like to expand your repertoire.

On August 10th, I'll choose the answer that tickles my fancy most ... entirely unscientific, totally subjective and probably grossly unfair ... but every now and then I like to indulge myself.


LindaLee said...

Is this where I leave my comment for the giveaway? Please enter me if indeed it is. I love your page. Thank you.

Teal said...

I am "one of those" ,LOL, who have yet to venture into the world called "specialty threads". I would love to try for this grab bag because ever since joining the 123 mb 2 years ago I have spent almost my life savings :) on charts for projects that I have seen on the finishes/WIP threads. :) So, in fairness to these poor unstitched, but not unloved charts, I need to have some specialty floss so I can bring them to life. :)

Thanks for the chance. :)

I prefer not to leave my email address, but if I must, to enter, please let me know. Thanks, Teal

archangel said...

First thank you for this chance, speciality threads are no sold here so would love to feel them and try them out, I enjoy seeing and reading about them from the girls on 123. Should I live in US I think I would be in stash heaven !!
God bless

Rosanne said...

I use DMC floss and some variageted flosses. Would like to try some other speciality threads. Thanks for this opportunity.


manormom2 said...

I would love to enter your contest because I have never tried anything other than my good ole dmc and aida. I would like to try the specialty fibers because I keep hearing how wonderful they are. But I honestly don't want to invest much money in them if I decide they "are not for me" and go back to my trusty dmc. That being said, I would like to be fair to the other fibers and give them a try!


Nic said...

I'd love to be entered into your draw for the specialty threads. I do use them and like them all in a different way. I guess to choose between them would be a bit like choosing a favourite child, or pet.

However, the analogy I'm going to use is tea (hey, I'm British, we like our tea!).

DMC is the Tetley tea bag of the stitching world. Reliable, dependable, widely available and consistent in quality. A good everyday choice.

Overdyes are Darjeeling and Oolong loose leaf types. Increasingly popular, a little bit more expensive, a little bit more fiddly to use. High quality and distinctive, they polarise opinion. Are they worth the extra cost and trouble?

Rayons to me are like Earl Grey. A little bit fruity, a little bit smoky, you either love them or hate them. They are a little bit different, and aren't always what you expect.

Linen is English Breakfast tea. Strong, traditional and often overlooked.

Bamboo is Green Tea. Used for ages in other cultures, we're only just using it now in the West. Light and refreshing, and from sustainable sources that don't pollute the planet.

Happy blogoversary!

Carol said...

First of all, congratulations on your second anniversary! You should be proud of your blog and all the hard work you have done on it and all the lovely stitching you have produced--both will give you wonderful, long-lasting memories.

I am one of those stitchers who has ventured out of the "DMC world" only a bit having tried the basic overdyed threads from time to time. Unfortunately, I have no needlework shop within two hours of me, so I must buy everything online and I have hesitated purchasing any new fibers without actually being able to see and feel them. So, if I were able to win your giveaway, it would be a chance to extend my horizons...

And if I don't win, at least I've discovered a lovely new blog to visit!

Thanks for the chance...

Melody said...

I am interested in your giveaway. I have not done much experimenting outside of dmc flosses. I sometimes use varigated floss, and overdyed ones of course. But as far as other types, no. Oh, I have used whisper on santa beards and hair, but that is it. So, I would enjoy trying others.


IrisRee said...

Congrads on the the 2nd yr! Wonderful!
Thank you for the chance to enter in the Specialty Threads giveaway. I've only used so far DMC color varations, a few Threadworx and some Caron Wildflower..I want to try some silk threads and HDF, from what I've seen on several blogs "lurkin" it creates some beautiful work!
Thank you,

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on hitting the two year mark! It really takes a lot of work to maintain a blog.

I love specialty fibers and have used all kinds. I love how some add texture, some the light dances over and has a lovely sheen. And some just feel great or have a wonderful "scrunch"

kimstitch3 said...

I would love a chance to win some specialty fibers.This is so sweet of you to do. I tried to enter earlier than now but couldnt find where to post on here for some reason. Happy Blogoversary.Take care,Kimberly