Saturday, August 1, 2009

Assessing July Goals/ Setting August Goals

The July Goals were
Stitch 10 hours on TW's Autumn Faerie: still not really moving on this ... only an hour devoted it to it during the entire month. I'll need to move my stitching stand downstairs to living room if I want to make any progress on this. At least that way, I will have it right at hand for evening stitching while watching DVDs with my husband.
Stitch two more Workbasket Quaker animals: the Pig and the Cow: well only the Pig got done but he was such a big, fat Pig.
Stitch at least one more Christmas ornament: WOO HOO!!! I exceeded the goal with 4 ornaments. Finished Homespun Elegance's Santa ornaments: 2001, Noah Toy and 1999, Great Good Cheer, Workbasket's Quaker Christmas Holly, The Stitcherhood's Quaker Flower.
Stitch a Halloween project: Glory Bee's Which Witch? Began on Saturday 7/25 and finished on 7/30.
Start Workbasket's Quaker Sampler: still waiting for my fabric from Silkweaver since I foolishly added it to the random rotation of my FOTM club rather than asked for immediately.
Sewing Finishes AND ANOTHER WOO HOO!!! GRAND TOTAL FOR THE MONTH: TWENTY-ONE. Bright Needle's Sauce for the Gander Needle/Tool Book; Homespun Elegance's ornaments: 2001 Santa [Noah Toy], 1999 Santa [Great Good Cheer], Oh Snowy Night, and Christmas Night Mini-Stocking; Workbasket's ornament Quaker Christmas Holly, Imaginating ornament Cardinal with Holly; Primitive Needle's Halloween ornament Salem Witch;Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel finished as a sewing box; Rainbow Gallery's 1st Class Teacher Bell Pull; a doorknob hanger using Chessie and Me's Guardian Chessie chart [from 2005 JCS Christmas ornament issue] and a mystery freebie chart Cat Skull and Cross Bones; LHN Needleworks House Sampler finished as a bell pull; Dragon Dreams Elemental Dragons finished as a long narrow bell pull; Workbasket Rabbit Rondel's sewing accessories: scissor fob and mattress style pin cushion; Poisson du Avril scissor fob; The Stitcherhood's Quaker Flower finished as a Christmas ornament; Primitive Needle's Salem 1692 as a mini wall hanging; Modern Art Goddess wall hanging; Baa Baa Black Sheep tote bag, Liz Turner Diehl's Autumn Acorns Bell Pull.
Finish Beach Find Pansies panel: started the second pansy but still a long way from finishing this project.
Finish Fertile Circles Needlebook: still have about half the stitching of the back cover to do but I really like this little project and should have it finished next month.
UFO>WIP: Peacock biscornu: about the only thing I did with this was mount it on some scroll rods and unpick a few stitches ... I really hate frogging ... so this is another project I'll be carrying over into August.
Order Workbasket's Quaker Halloween and Quaker Polars as well as the JCS Christmas and Halloween ornament issues, also some Piecemaker Needles [tapestry 28s]: Yes, on July 6. Received on July 10. Also ordered and received some more Belle Soie silks to finish up some of the projects listed above, specifically the Beach Find Pansies and the Fertile Circles Needlebook, as well as a selection of bell pulls so that I can turn a few more of my back log of stitched pieces into wall hangings. Then, of course, I just had to order a few more trims and buttons from Farmhouse Fabrics ... it's becoming my new obsession.

The August Goals
  • Stitch 10 hours TW's Autumn Faerie
  • Stitch Workbasket's Quaker Cow and Sheep for the Quaker Quilt
  • Stitch at least one more Christmas ornament
  • Stitch a Halloween Project
  • Finish Fertile Circles Needlebook
  • Finish Beach Find Pansies panel
    Devote at least five hours to sewing finishes
    UFO > WIP: Peacock Biscornu

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