Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here a Blogaversary, There a Blogaversary ...

Since I like to visit the blogs of the folks who leave comments on mine, I clicked on Nic to discover this charming and utterly delightful blog

and, guess what, she is running a blogaversary contest, too ... though hers involves chart grab bags ... and very generous grab bags, I might add ... one with the theme of teddy bears and another with the theme of bees. Since I would dearly love to win the bee-themed grab bag, I searched my soul before adding this link ... after all, the more who know about the contest the more who will enter and the less likely the odds of my winning ... but, greed is one of the capitol sins and thus a behavior to be avoided, right?

Her contest will come to a conclusion in just a day or two, so hurry over to visit.

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