Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sewing finishes

I really need to get working on these ... while gathering up all my Quaker pieces for a post last month, I found another 15 pieces awaiting sewing finishes in addition to the 7 pieces I listed in my "Breaking the barrier" post. If I am not careful, these pieces will start taking over the house. And while on vacation I have added another six projects to the sewing to-do pile. So, I have converted my dining room into a temporary finishing station: bringing the sewing machine, ironing board, iron, and fabric/cording/lace stash all downstairs. With any luck, I'll get a lot done during the summer months since I enjoy a normal 9-5 schedule during July and August as opposed to the wildly fluctuating school year schedule of 9am-9pm Mon & Tues, 9am-3pm Wed., 9am-7pm Thurs as well as 8am-Noon Saturday ... for a total of 42 hours /week on the normal weeks. I am not even going to contemplate the weeks with special events and meetings ... those run into 50-60 hours, at times.

Here is a photo of what I hope will be the site of much productive activity ... note the huge basket of 28 projects requiring some degree of sewing finishing.

Once I get caught up on sewing finishes, I think I will use the same strategy with UFOs ... gathering them all in one place so I can see what I am dealing with and plan accordingly. Of course, the truth is I will never really catch up on sewing finishes since I currently am working on the cross stitch elements for two quilts ... so those pieces will have to be stored and listed as "to sew someday when all the elements are completed". I don't think the UFO pile will be nearly as daunting ... but then who knows what lurks in all the baskets, bureaus and boxes scattered about the house? I expect I'll find things long since forgotten.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Good luck with your finishes. Looking forward to seeing some of them on the blog!