Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Goals Assessment/Setting July Goals

  • Finish Fertile Circles: Almost. Just a bit of the back cover to stitch before it is ready for assembly.
  • Finish Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel: YES and I even stitched the accessories: pin cushion and scissor fob
  • Kit up TW's Woodland Angel Stocking: When I realized how many DMC flosses I had to pull for the Autumn Faerie and how much cross-over there would be between the two designs, I decided to put this on hold till I had finished the faerie.
  • Stitch 1 Christmas ornament: YES ... actually I stitched two, both from the Homespun Elegance's Bits and Pieces Series: Oh, Snowy Night and Christmas Night Stocking
  • 10 hours on TST Holly and Hearts Sampler: I am consigning this to UFO status for the remainder of the summer. I seem to need more vibrancy and color and less delicacy and finesse at the moment.
  • 10 hours on TW Autumn Faerie [my UFO-WIP for this month]: well, to be honest I only spent an hour on this project and that involved re-kitting it with all the floss needed.
  • 5 hours on backlog of sewing finishes: All I did on this front was set up a finishing "center" in my dining room ... more on this in a future post.
And, in addition, I stitched the following
  • Primitive Needle's Salem Witch and 1692
  • Workbasket's Quaker Turtle and Quaker Rooster
  • Keep Watching [... Maybe I'll do a trick] from Baby Bibs with Attitude
  • and began another design of my own: Beach Find Pansies
  • as well as starting the Homespun Elegance 2001 Santa Ornament

  • 10 hours on TW's Autumn Faerie
  • Stitch two more Workbasket Quaker Animals: Pig and Cow
  • Stitch a Christmas ornament
  • Stitch Glory Bee's Which Witch
  • Start Workbasket's Quaker Sampler
  • 5 hours on backlog of sewing finishes
  • UFO>WIP: The Peacock biscornu
  • Finish the Fertile Circles Needlebook
  • Finish the Beach Find Pansies panel

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