Friday, July 10, 2009

Winners and Quotas

Draggy. She included her e-mail address, so I'll be able to inform her immediately and request a snail mail address. With luck, the charts will be on their way tomorrow morning.
And, on another front, I have used up my self-imposed quota of purchasing only 5 charts this year by buying Workbasket's Quaker Polars and Quaker Halloweens which arrived from 123stitch yesterday afternoon along with another three packages of Piecemaker Tapestry 28 needles. This year, I have vowed to stitch from stash and buy only five charts. And, furthermore, even those five must be charts needed to complete series I am already stitching. I have reserved the JCS Christmas and Halloween ornament issues but I count that as purchasing magazines, not charts ... a jesuitical distinction perhaps but one that keeps me happy. Any further Workbasket Quaker animals, the 2009 Sue Hillis Charmed Santa and the 2009 Prairie Schooler Limited Edition Santa will just have to be purchased in January of 2010, if ever. I have enough charts that I genuinely want to stitch to last at least four or five years and since I am nearing my 60th birthday, I do believe a little judicious restraint is in order. In any case, purchases of fibers and fabrics and embellishments to stitch what I do have on hand will keep me fueling the stitchery market quite exuberantly ... so, no guilt trips there!


Barbara said...

Congratulations on your new stash - can't wait to see you stitch up those polar bears! :D

mainely stitching said...

(That last comment was from me. I was signed (am?) signed in incorrectly.)