Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And some more finishes

Since I set up my finishing center in my dining room just before the July 4 holiday weekend, I have completed 8 sewing finishes. And now I have these to add:

Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel made into a sewing box
And this little door hanger still needs its trim ... I can't decide whether I want to trim it with cord or with beading. The project combines an angelic cat [Guardian Chessie from 2005 JCS Christmas ornament issue] with a piratical cat skull and cross bones ... a gift for my daughter who shares her home with six cats of varying temperament ... I figure she can warn visitors of the moods of the feline brood by displaying the appropriate side. I wonder, does this count as one or two finishes ... it is one object but it is made with two charts ?!?

Here's the good

... and here's the bad

With any luck, there's no need to discuss the ugly!
A bellpull made from one of the LHN house sampler free charts or a PS card ... it's been so long since I stitched this piece that I don't remember ... I'll have to get a different bit of hardware for this ... it is clearly too wide ... I think I'll look for one of those country style wire hangers with a star or a heart or a house at the top. I saw some nice Tudor birch hangers in all widths on the 123stitch website, as well.
And, last but not least, this little bell pull for my niece, using Rainbow Gallery's 1st Class Teacher free chart. I added a close up of the apple since I really enjoyed stitching all those Rhodes stitches that add so much texture and interest to this piece.

And here's a close-up of all the neat Rhodes stitches that add such nice texture to the apple ...

That brings the monthly total for finishes up to 12 ... or is that 13?

Also, I did a bit more work on my Quaker Flower [from The Stitcherhood] WIP this morning. I think it is coming along nicely.
Today after work, I plan to work on another bell pull ... about three years ago, I stitched all of Dragon Dream's Jennifer Aiken-Smith's elemental dragons free charts on a pretty piece of white banding ... finally, I am going to do something with it ... it's long and narrow perfect for the narrow space between two side by side sliding door closets in what will become my sewing room. I have a nice hanger in coppery tones, a large black tassel for the bottom and two smaller black tassels for the top corners and some winter white damask for a backing.


mainely stitching said...

Everything looks fabulous. Wow, you've been busy!!! But my personal favorite is the double-sided cat, LOL!!!

Rachel S said...

It all looks so good. Have you ever thought of doing a tutorial on some of these finishing ways you use? I love how you've done that sewing box?