Sunday, July 12, 2009

Following up on those promised photos

I returned to the finishing center this weekend and here are a few photos of what I have accomplished thus far:
Workbasket's Quaker Christmas Holly ornament
and some Homespun Elegance ornaments:
Oh Snowy Night

Great Good Cheer [Santa 1999]
Toy Noah [Santa 2001]

And stitching on WIPs during the past few days and in between stints at the sewing machine, has produced these results:
Quaker Flower from the Stitcherhood

Workbasket Quaker Pig

Since I only worked with finishes on Sunday, I am satisfied with my progress. I did manage to cut out the cardboard backs for my next finishing project, a two sided door hanger with an angelic cat on one side and a piratical cat skull and cross bones on the other, and put the last coat of paint on the band box that will become the Rabbit Rondel sewing basket. I hope to have those two items finished by Friday and then I'll get to work on some bell pulls and gift totes over the weekend.


Erica said...

Your ornaments are lovely!
I am just terrible at finishing ornaments! I've got a pile of them waiting for me!

Rachel S said...

Those look great. I only got one done this weekend, but I got the supplies to do a bunch of other ones.

mainely stitching said...

Great job, Riona! :D Pat yourself on the back!

Kim said...

Both the stitching and finishing on your ornaments is beautiful.
Love the color you used on your wip in the last photo, it is very pretty.