Friday, September 5, 2008

Secret Sister Exchange

The postman must have arrived with the dawn ... a package was awaiting me on my doorstep when I stepped outside this morning to go to work. I would have opened it right then and there if my SS hadn't wrapped it in so much packing tape that I can only assume she owns stock in a tape company. When I got to work, I immediately got to work with a box cutter and discovered these beauties:
--- Workbasket's Rabbit Rounded and the Caron Waterlilies Periwinkle with which to stitch it
---JBW's Christmas Keepsakes
---11 cards of Rainbow Gallery fibers, including Faux Fur, Mandarin, Very Velvet, Splendour and Grandeur
---2 skeins of Vikke Clayton silks ... one of which is a perfect blend of autumnal colors suitable for my Spots of Fun SAL and the other a luscious blue that we will work for a biscornu I have in mind for a friend who is a Pisces ... it has a stylized blackwork design of four fish arranged like a opinwheel in a square space.
---2 pieces of linen
---1 package of silvertone garden charms ... perfect for a classroom banner for spring.
To say I am delighted with my surprise package is quite an understatement. I am itching to start the Rabbits Rounded even as I type ... I know, I know, I just posted about getting serious about sticking to my stated goals ... but, oh, a Workbasket chart and Caron Waterlilies silk ... how can I resist?
I suspect I will compromise somewhere along the line ... and in the not-too-distant future, at that.


Erynne said...

Oh my goodness Riona! What a wonderful goodie package! You're more patient than me; I would've tore into it right away, lol.

Good for you!!!

Rachel S said...

That was a great goodie package. Enjoy! I am in the same exchange, and my partner was so good to me. I have to spoil her for this last round. It was so much fun!