Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Assessing August Goals

Well, it's been another month where the progress has been somewhat spotty. Yes, there has been progress on the stated goals but I have also succumbed to the seduction of a few must-stitch-now projects that weren't on the goal list.

First the stated goals
  1. Finish the Prairie Schooler Santa cards: so far I have finished the 1995 [photo on 8/2 post], the 2004 [photo on 8/16 post], 2005 [photo on 8/24 post], 2006 and 2007.
  2. Finish the Peacock biscornu: didn't even touch the poor neglected thing.
  3. Focus on the Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway 2007 projects, only an hour of stitching this month, on the very last day of the month, just to be able to say I did get to it.
  4. Focus on the TW Autumn Faerie: another neglected project
  5. Stitch a set of four tea towels with herbal motifs: I did dig out the proper chart, does that count?
  6. Start Liz Turner Diehl's German Garden: Nope
  7. Start TW Woodland Angel stocking for Liam: Nope
  8. Start Miribilia's Halloween Faerie: Nope
  9. Finish one more Celtic Tarot card for Angela's set: Nope
  10. Finally, finish Sean's Name Tree ornament: this is getting monotonous, but yet another Nope
  11. At least two sewing finishes: The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham Halloween ornament and Elizabeth's Designs Peace, finished as a pin keep.
Now for the side trips into Startitis
  • Cross Eyed Kat's Jolly Roger Cat: finished 8/7/08
  • Plum Pudding's Blessed Be: finished 8/8/08
  • Top for the pink biscornu: finished 8/8/08
  • Lizzie Kate's Housework...: finished 8/16/08
  • The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham ornament from JCS ... finished 8/31/08
  • Started Prairie Schooler's Night Owl ornament from JCS
  • Started the Debbie Draper Spots of Fun SAL: this last has become an obsession. I am using all sorts of different fibers for the motifs but one color way ... it's like eating potato chips or M&Ms ... just one more motif before I put it down ... after all I wasn't supposed to even start it until 9/1/08 but I have already completed 12 motifs ... and that's most of the first two pages of a four page design.
I'd say there is a pretty clear pattern here ... I have been getting bored with my own goals ... and have, consequently, been playing hookey with all manner of interesting new charts.


Erynne said...

You and Rachael will have it done in a blink of an eye!
I'll probably be dead last with finishing it. I might do a simple border around it to tie it together. I like borders.

riona said...

Okay, okay ... the motifs were like a bowl of popcorn ... I just couldn't stop ... I'll slow down for a bit because I only have 7 more fibers I want to use on hand ... the rest are on order. And then there is the whole notion of a border ... have you tried any of the fibers I have been mentioning ... you implied as much on your own blog ... I'd be curious as to your own reactions and favorites.

Erynne said...

Riona, I have several orders coming from the US and I hope they get here soon! I'm very impatient to try new ones! With that said, I won't be using them on Spots of Fun but am looking for a new project.....something with a Jacobean flair....the hunt is on!
Just in case you weren't aware, the SAL is here:

Jacky has decided the runboard was better for our needs (ie posting photos).