Monday, September 15, 2008

A plethora of photos

It's been a while since I posted photos. So here are fourteen photos featuring this month's finishes so far, a WIP or two and some stash purchases:
First, the 2006 Prairie Schooler Santa ... I love this one because I remember these old treadle sewing machines from my childhood visits to my grandmother's and greatgrandmother's homes.

Second, the 2007 Prairie Schooler Santa ... this is the last of the craft Santas ... I figured it was an appropriate thing to stitch since I finally decided to sign up for knitting classes at the local h.s. adult ed program ... that and a water aerobics class ... this may have the effect of reducing my stitching time ... but I do like variety in my life.

Third, the sewing finish on Plum Pudding's Blessed Be: as requested by my daughter, it is a sack for her aromatherapy. She plans to fill it with rice and then add the appropriate herbs or dried flowers for the particular situation [lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for breathing issues, etc.]

Fourth, The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham from the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Ornament issue. I've stitched this chart once as an ornament for exchange and once more as a floss ring tag for the September Finishing Challenge - I've got the back and front finished. All I need to do is read the section in the tutorial that goes over setting the eyelets and doing the final assembly. I probably won't get to this until Wednesday or Thursday since I want to have a solid block of time without distraction. I am a bit nervous about this particular finish since it would be so easy to ruin the piece if I don't manage the eyelet just right.

Fifth, is Elizabeth's Needlework Designs' Spooky Tree, also from the JCS Halloween issue. I am not sure I like the raffia trim. I'll have to live with it a while to see. In any case, it can always be changed out to orange braid.

For my sixth photo, yet another JCS Halloween Ornament issue chart: Homespun Elegance's Boo Pumpkin. I really like this one but then I do tend to like Homespun Elegance charts quite a bit.

And a seventh photo, my last JCS Halloween ornament finish thus far: Prairie Schooler's Night Owl which I believe is my favorite.

Changing themes, my ninth photo is of The Elizabeth's Needlework Designs Peace, finished as a pinkeep. A very sweet little piece that I adapted a wee bit ... it was meant to be a Christmas ornament but I liked it better stitched with a rice stitch border and finished as a delicate little pinkeep. I think I'll keep this little beauty in reserve for a future Secret Sister exchange.

The ninth photo is of a little pink biscornu finished with a fabric bottom as I have seen others do. I'm not completely satisfied with it ... the points could be a little crisper ... but it's not too bad for a first attempt at a somewhat different finish. It is made entirely from scraps and leftovers so I am feeling very frugal and thrifty.

For my tenth photo, here is a shot of a WIP: La-D-Da's Smell My Feet Halloween ornament. I changed the colors since I didn't have any Needlepoint Silks on hand and used WDW Mascara and some DMC in the stocking which I striped to match some flat braid trim I have that I'll be using in the finishing. This is turning out to be more fun than I thought it would be --- I just love these shoes.

For the eleventh photo, another WIP: my Debbie Draper Spots of Fun SAL, done entirely in autumn colors. Tomorrow, I shall have a go at posting this shot to the SAL forum. This is turning out to be another very enjoyable project ... see my other post earlier this month, A True Sampler ... because it is giving me an opportunity to try many different fibers.

And, last but not least, are three shots of stash enhancement: some more autumnal silks for the Spots of Fun SAL, all the CC overdyes and buttons I needed for the Raise the Roof's Boo Whoo ornament which I will be stitching on the same fabric as Spots of Fun, a Silkweaver Linen called Autumn Sunrise and two more Workbasket charts: Mermaids Singing and Quaker Peacock/House.

I am rather pleased with this month's progress towards my goals. I hope the second half of the month will be as productive as the first.


Marion said...

Beautiful stitching!!!

Take care
Nova Scotia

Erica said...

My! You have been busy!
Beautiful work!

Erynne said...

A bevy of beauties! Thank you for posting so many great pics; a great way to start my Tuesday! Does make me want to stitch rather than work though ;)
I'm about as far along as you are with the Spots SAL and hope to post later this week with my updates on all of my projects. Your pin keep is darling.
Great work all around!

Eva said...

Lovely picture of beautiful stitching! I especially love the Sweetheart Tree ornament!

Rachel S said...

You have been BUSY! Great finishes.

Linen Stitcher said...

I just discovered your blog recently, and your projects are wonderful! As a huge Prairie Schooler fan, I really like the owl ornament, but I must say that I love the Elizabeth's Designs "Spooky Tree." Your "Spots of Fun" looks great in autumn colors!