Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photos: Another Finish /Secret Sister and Halloween Exchanges

La-D-Da's Smell My Feet turned out well ... I switched out the colors in the stockings to work with the flat braid in turquoise and yellow that I had in my stash. At least, I choose to believe the green called for in the original design was the color of stockings and not skin. Where did this whole green-skinned witch thing come from? All the witches I know are lovely women with perfectly normal complexions and great fashion sense. Since I didn't have any Needlepoint Silks but plenty of other fibers in my treasure chests, I used WDW Mascara for the shoes, spider and border, WDW Charcoal for the lettering and DMC 725 and 3845 for the yellow and turquoise, respectively.

I sent my Halloween exchange out on Wednesday, so it should be safe to post this picture ... though I doubt my exchange partner even is aware of my blog. I have sent her The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham ornament from the latest JCS issue and a few Treats that I hope she enjoys: A Dritz Keepsake Needle Card, the Halloween Pack from Dress It Up, JABCo crow and crescent moon buttons, WDW Perle Pumpkin, and some overdyed cottons, CC Dulce de Leche, Ozark Sampler Grab Bag and a Threadworx purple. I enjoyed putting this little package together and the ornament was just intricate enough to be an interesting stitch though still a quick one. I also need to send out my reveal card today for my Secret Sister from the 123 stitch exchange ... I think I'll include a few skeins of Kreinik silk moire with that exchange along with the bookmark I stitched earlier this month. And for the next round of the SS exchange, I do believe I'll send out some very pretty Olde Willow linen floss. I have been very lucky in my exchanges this year, people send such lovely things and though I seldom end up sending to the same person who sends to me [the Halloween exchange being the exception], I do want to reciprocate in kind. Jeanne, my Secret Sister in this latest round, has been phenomenal ... I received her reveal card Wednesday afternoon and it included two lovely DMC #5 perles in rich greens. She has really spoiled me this round: a lovely gift package, great flosses, a birthday gift and now more floss in her reveal card. I sincerely hope the Secret Sisters I send to are as pleased with my selections as I have been with what I have been sent.


Vonna said...

You're feet are totally cute :)

Erica said...

Love those Smelly Feet!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wahoo those boots look great!!!!