Monday, September 22, 2008

And the winner is ...

Erynne of Be-stitched. I have e-mailed her at her g-mail address with a request for a snail mail address and will send the Glissen ColorWash silk floss [color: Tobacco] to her as soon as I receive an address. I enjoyed her post because of her conversational tone. One of the reasons I blog is that I am a lone stitcher without a nearby LNS to provide a stitching circle or network ... so making stitching friends on the Internet is a very great pleasure. I feel I have come to know Erynne through her very lively and interesting blog and through her comments on my blog.
I do believe I will try to have a monthly Fiber Give-Away ... I have been trying all sorts of new and different fibers lately and I guess I am on a mission to enable others and broaden their horizons by sharing my discoveries.


Erynne said...

Thank you Riona! You are so sweet in your words!
Maybe for once, I won't prattle as you know my feelings.


Marion said...

Hello from 123 board!
Great stitching by the way!!!