Friday, April 8, 2016

A Finish and a Visit to the Cemetery

First, I finished DMC's Heart Band Sampler.  I'll be using the hexagonal button since, as Stitch Bitch pointed out, it mirrors the shape of the medallion.  How did I not see that myself?  I have enjoyed the challenge of re-charting this piece to better suit my taste.  I like monochromatic designs and this one gave me the chance to use a pair of skeins of Needle Necessities floss that I bought simply because I liked the colors.   But, sadly. the floss was separated from its label long ago so I can't give  any further information.  Anyway. NN went out of business many years ago and I can not recall the name of the company that took over their color line.

Next. I returned to the cemetery band of Witch's Hollow for awhile.  Once I got past the gravestones which were  all maddening tone on tone stitching [especially on 36 ct.], I made good progress.  I am nearly halfway through the band.  This particular band has lots of witches: some afoot, some in flight, some driving wagons.  After I am done with the sampler, I may pull some of the motifs and stitch them as ornaments.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like the changes you made to the heart. I did go find the original to see them.

The photos show there is enough contrast between the cemetary and the fabric.

Shebafudge said...

Your heart is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful stitching.

Maggee said...

The Heart looks GREAT!! Congrats on a successful conversion of the design!

Julie said...

Your version of the heart does look nice, its a nice thread too, I have a few NN threads that need using up.