Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gallery Post - Town Square Series - 2016 Update

Starting in 2013, I got serious about trying to stitch one of these charts each month as an ornament. Though I still have a few more that need finish-finishing, these represent the bulk of my work on the series.

So far I have stitched and finish-finished 31 of the charts.  I have stitched one more that is awaiting transformation into an ornament

I 'll probably select four more charts to bring the number up to three dozen.

The Antique Samplers Shop by Barb Allen for The Needle's Work Antiques

The Bakery by JBW Designs

The Book Shop by Mosey and Me

The Button Shop by Cecile McPeak for Just Another Button Company

Cafe du Monde by Leslie Wristers

The Church by DebBee's Designs

The Creamery

The Cross Stitch Shop by The Cross Stitchery & MSF

The Fiber Shop by The Heart's Content

The Fire Station by Wild Heart Designs

The Fishmonger

Flocking to Knit

The Flower Shop by My Mark

The Frame Shop by East Side Mouldings

The Gourmet Shop

The Honey Shop by Shepherd's Bush

Milady's Tea Shop by Milady's Needle

The Pet Shop

The Post Office by Knotted Tree Needle Art

The Primitives Shop by Prairie Moon

The Quilt House by Nancy Pfeiffer

The Saloon by Crescent Colors

Sandi's Sweet Sjop

The Shoe Shrine by Sam Sarah Design

The Silversmith by Charland Designs: by some weird trick of the light, this fabric is not showing its true blue color.

The Star Theater by Heart in Hand

 The School House by La-D-Da

The Town Clock by Cricket Collection

The Town Hall by Weeks Dye Works

The Toy Shop by Olde Colonial Designs

The Train Depot by Val's Stuff

And this is the backing fabric that I have used for all the ornaments .  IRL it is a bit of a darker navy blue.  When I rn out of the star dotted fabric, I used a bavy with white [olka dots in the sa,e scale.

A reader, in a recent comment, asked me to explain the Indy Town Square SAL.  The simplest way to do so is to direct you to the SAL blog .  I don't know if the charts are still available.  If they are, obviously I think they are well worth obtaining.  So many people have jumped on the various more expensive versions of a townful of buildings, e.g.: the various Hawk Run Hollow seasonal series and the LHN Cottage series and the Santa's Village series.  I got 42 charts of buildings for the investment of $5.  It seems a better bargain to me than any of the above.    And the variety is amazing since, not only are there 42 different shops and public buildings, each is designed by a different designer.  I am stitching mine as ornaments but people can stitch them as block style samplers like the HRH series, as afghans, or as separate smalls.  It's an extremely versatile set of charts.  I am maintaining unity in my ornament collection by using one of three very similar light to medium blue linens to stitch the ornaments and using the same backing fabric and homemade cording made from coordinating shades of blue DMC floss.   I am not sure I will stitch every chart in the series but I do intend to stitch at least three dozen.  I am not generally much of a shopper so visiting shops in cross stitch serves as my version of retail therapy ... with the added benefit that it is not nearly as expensive as the real deal.


Vickie said...

Had you planned on visiting the jail Regina? hahaha

Rachel S-H said...

Very pretty! The finishing is excellent!

Carol said...

Oh, those are so well done!! I love them all :)

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finishes Regina. I bought the CD a while back, after seeing you stitching them. Of course, I haven't stitched any yet, but I love looking at yours.


CalamityJr said...

I love that your village has so many different "architects"!

Jeanne said...

So glad you posted these. I have all the patterns on a LNS was selling them for very little a few years back so I picked them up. I have not stitched any and it's so nice to now have a visual of what they look like! I have a hard time stitching a pattern with no picture to know how it will turn out. Great job!!

Julie said...

Such a great idea, they are so lovely. You big tree is going to be so impressive when you have so many buildings on show on it.

Rita said...

You've done a fantastic job on these. I'm WAY behind you.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love this series, the church is possibly my favourite. I'd definitely stitch the bookshop for myself, and the train station and several others too!

Maggee said...

What a great bunch of finishes--you have stitched a lot! Are you going to put them on their own tree, or intermingled?

Cynthia said...

Great finishes!!