Monday, February 1, 2016

Assessing January Goals, Setting February Goals

It's been a good start.  In addition to meeting two of my goals I started and finished three additional projects: Homespun Elegance. Birds and BeesSamplers and Such. ABC SamplerMystery Sampler, French Style.  I also started and am nearly finished with Whispered by the Wind's Scherzo.

January Goals

  • Complete at least five Sewing Finishes  Four complete and one nearly so.

I assembled and trimmed two Town Square ornaments: The Creamery and Sandi's Sweet Shop.

And I made a small pin pillow from Homespun Elegance's An Elegance of Owls, trimming it with some soot colored chenille.

And I turned the Samplers and Such ABC sampler into a jar lid, overlaying two different braids to trim the edges of the lid.

  • I started om A is for Acorn, making another pin pillow, though this one will be stuffed with ground walnut shells.  I have yet to decide on a trim,  I'll have to do a liile stash diving. 
  • Continue work on Making Waves  NO.
  • Continue work on Slow Down Sampler.  FINISHED.
  • Continue work on The Jacobean Elegance Afghan  NO.

Complete at least 5 sewing or assembly finishes.
Continue work on Jacobean Elegance Afghan.
Start the next Workbasket Quaker animal.
Get back to Work on Making Waves.
Finish Scherzo.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great finishing work. The town square ornies are looking lovely.

Julie said...

Lovely finishes, the pin pillow on top of the jar is wonderful.