Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Fourth Annual Stitching Limerick Contest

Back in March 2011 and 2012, I sponsored a stitching limerick contest.  I had intended to make it an annual event but somehow dropped the ball in 2013.  But i picked it up again in 2014.   And here it is, March 2015, and time for another round.   For educators, March is the longest month of the year, no holidays or long weekend breaks, the kids are bored to tears with school and longing for the summer, discipline problems arise, exams loom ... well, you get the idea.  So, in March, I tend to find or make up reasons to play.  So, let's all have a some fun and exercise our little grey cells as Hercule Poirot would say.  Writing a proper limerick is a disciplined exercise so to make it worthy of your effort, I am offering a $20 gift certificate to 123stitch as the prize for the winning entry.

Remember, limericks are defined by Google as a humorous verse form of 5 anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme aabba i.e., they have a definite pattern:
10 syllables/beats to the first line,
7 syllables/beats to the second line,
6 syllables/beats to third and fourth lines,
9 syllables/beats to the fifth line.
The rhyme pattern: lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme; lines 3 and 4 rhyme.

Any entry not meeting these very exacting standards will be disqualified.
Here's my 2011 limerick:
There once was a stitcher named Riona,
Who used up all of her toner,
Printing freebies galore
Till she had so much more
Than anyone ought to be owner!

And here's my 2012 version:
There once was a stitcher named Riona,
Who, when you tried to phone her,
All your calls she'd ignore
As she stitched more and more.
Her friends thought this flaw a real groaner!

And my 2014 version:
There once was a English Band Sampler,
Stretched on a stand with a clamper.
The stitcher who owned it
Had diligently sewn it
Till she was one happy camper.

And now for my 2015 effort.  I confess I had to resort to an internal rhyme for lines three and four to make it work.
There once was a stitcher who loved dragons
And tea consumed by the flagons.
She combined these two loves
Armed with needles and mugs,
Stitching till all done were the dragons..

All you need do is write your limerick in the comments and I will choose a winner on March 28


Lorraine said...

WOW! I am the first one! Here's my entry for your contest:

Lorraine is the best stitcher that I know
who stitches in the land of snow
purring cat by her side
ever stitching with pride
And cat hair in every row!

xsmad at hotmail dot com

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love this competition but I'm always rubbish at making up the rhymes. I will go away and cogitate!

Rita E in AZ said...

Her shopping prowess was not a fable,
Though she had not reached S.A.B.L.E.
No more places for stash
But she said with penache,
"I won't have my S.E.X. on the table."

Julie said...

The stitching community is fun...
There's always something someone has done...
To admire and to see...
That chart you then purchase with glee...
or perhaps its on offer to be won.

Stitchinowl said...

There once was a Florida cross stitcher
Who liked to stitch by water,
Until her WIP got wet,
The threads blended and set,
And her piece now hand-dyed forever.

I removed the comma on the 1st line, in order to fit the typing on the same line.

Justine said...

What a fun contest! Here's my suggestion:

There once was a stitcher from Cheshire,
Who signed up for SALs beyond measure,
Crazy Challenges, YOTA,
It was more than she oughta,
And her needles snapped under the pressure.

CalamityJr said...

I didn't even attempt this in past years, but this time my brain won't shut down! So... Two questions. First, regarding line 2, is it 7 or 8 syllables? And 2, are multiple entries allowed? I'm having fun!

riona said...

2nd line = 7 syllables and multiple entries are permitted.

Stitchinowl said...
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CalamityJr said...

Wow - I was so gung-ho until felled by a nasty infection followed by jury duty. Since your closing date falls after St. Patrick's Day, though, I'll just throw a few more limerick attempts your way. Hope you enjoy them!

There once was a stitcher named Mary Jane
Who thought winding floss a real pain.
She tossed semi-used thread
In a basket instead.
Now a new start is waiting in vain.

Counted cross stitch or punch needle - you choose.
Empty hands may mean you could lose.
Think it through in your head,
Pick up needle and thread.
If you don't, you may find you want booze!

There's a new cross stitch design to peruse
But too many things to choose.
Oh, what fabric? What thread?
I've a pain in my head!
Guess I'll have to chill out with some booze.

Start with a piece of some wild berry pies,
Then add spices in muslin ties.
"You're doing what?!" you ask.
Why, enjoying my task
Of creating new fabric - hand-dyes!

Stitchinowl said...

I just realized that one of the lines in my Green Tea limerick rhymed with the wrong line! I deleted my initial entry and changed it slightly.

There once was a stitcher who loved green tea,
She drank cups of it daily,
‘Til the tea spilled over,
And on her dog Rover,
So she avoided tea totally.

(hope you get the pun!)


Stitchinowl said...

There was a stitcher who had a retreat,
Oh, all the friends she did meet,
But the frog arrived, too,
The stitchers cried “Boo-hoo,
Then threw him onto a piece of meat!