Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Afghan Progress

Earlier this week, I devoted three stitching days to Lori Birmingham's Jacobean Elegance afghan: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I confess I continued to stitch on the afghan again today  in an effort to finish the block I was working on.  The result is that I now have five blocks out of 20 stitched.  Clearly, I am going to have to pick up the pace to meet the Mother's Day deadline.  I'd have to finish two blocks a week and I just don't see that happening.  But I will do my best.  I'll be doing all my "at home" stitching on this piece, relegating the other two rotation pieces to travel projects for the time being.  I'll also make the afghan my weekend stitcher's choice project for the next little while.  Maybe that will help me build a little momentum.  I'll post a photo after the weekend.  With a little bit of luck, it will show two rows of four blocks completed.completed!

I will say this though, now that the temperatures have dropped below freezing again, the afghan is a very cozy stitch.  With most of this afghan draped over my lap and legs, I stay warm even with the home thermostat set to the cooler temps my husband enjoys.  Furthermore, I love the blues, greens and golds of this piece.  Then, too, the flower and bud motifs are just complex enough to keep me from getting bored by repetition.  But I have only stitched three flowers and two buds so far.  And considering that I will be stitching 10 buds and 10 flowers before I am done, avoiding boredom is something of a priority.  The original chart called for ten stitched blocks and ten blank blocks but that looked unfinished to me.  I am beginning to regret my decision to stitch every block but it is too late to turn back now.

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Linda said...

Good luck with your plans Regina. Looking forward to seeing your progress.