Monday, March 23, 2015

Computer Update

The home computer is indeed dead as a door nail.  We have ordered a complete new set of components for our tower and should have them in four to seven business days.  My son took the main drive home to see if he could retrieve any data but is not optimistic.  Happily, I do have most of my stitching photos on my blog and can recreate my files by working backwards from blog to photo albums in My Pictures.  I can ask my oldest son to resend all the grandchildren's photos to me but alas, other family photos and vacation photos are probably gone forever.  That'll teach me to back things up on flash drives.  Most of my husband's articles and research for the local historical society were also backed up, so we are good there.  We shall consider this a lesson learned and move on.


Stitchinowl said...

I've been there. It's not pretty. (:
Hopefully, some of the files can be salvaged.

CathieJ said...

Oh so sorry to hear. My husband backed up my computer a few months ago when word was out concerning the con artists that hijack your photos and hold them for ransom. I told him I wanted to be sure all my photos were backed up. Now we will do so every few months to be sure we don't lose anything. I hope someone can retrieve those photos for you.