Monday, March 9, 2015

Rotation Report

We are in the middle of a melt and freeze cycle with daytime temperatures in the 40s and 50s and night time temperatures in the low 20s.  It makes for slightly dicey morning commutes but I am still delighted to have Spring-like warmth during the day especially since it has been sunny as well.

I am dong a little better with sticking to the rotation.  But if I am going to meet my deadline of finishing the afghan in time to give it as a Mother's Day Gift, I am going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  I am going to have to devote most of my at-home stitching to the afghan as it takes about 7-9 hours of uninterrupted stitching to do each block.  There are 5 rows of 4 blocks, totaling 20 blocks.  When I plucked this project from the UFO pile, only three blocks had been stitched.  So with a mere 17 blocks to stitch in just a little over two month, I'll be deferring the class piece part of my rotation till late May

Monday: BAP
Jacobean Elegance Afghan.   I am close to finishing one more block, a bud.  I'll post a photo once the block is done.
Tuesday: Smalls
Prairie Schooler Year Round: March.  I have finished this piece, a shamrock.  Though to be more accurate, if you note the flowers, a clover.  I used Belle Soie silks instead of the charted DMC, as I did with the January and February entries in the series.  This time I used Enchanted Forest, Oatmeal Scone and Pecan Pie.

Sean's Name Tree ornament from M Designs.  Both "S"s are done and the first "E" is started.  This such an enjoyable stitch that I have to wonder why I have let it languish for a decade, buried at the very bottom of the WIP/UFO basket.

Sandi's Sweet Shop in The Town Square series.  I've pulled all the threads for this but have to go stash diving for some 36 ct. light blue linen.

Wednesday: Theme
  Workbasket's Quaker Bat.  Workbasket's  Quaker Squirrel.   Kitted up the Bat.
Thursday: Class Pieces 
Finish Mystic Smalls Tuffet and resume work on Victoria Sampler's Sturbridge Box.  Deferred to late May.

Friday: Sewing Finishes.  Did some Assembly line finishing of flat ornaments, including 1 small Prairie Schooler Santa ornament and the following 6 Town Square series ornaments: 

The Gourmet Shop

The Fishmonger's Shop

Flocking to Knit

The Pet Store: This one is almost done.  I just have to stitch on the cording and make a beaded hanger.

The Silversmith's Shop and The Quilt Shop are at the halfway point: the back pieces are done, enough cording is made for at least one of them.  Just need to do the fronts, whipstitch back and fronts together, apply cording and hangers.

Saturday & Sunday: get out of the stitching chair and do a wide variety of things: walk, exercise, antique, reorganize, put the garden to bed for the winter, feed and observe the backyard birds, read, visit friends and relatives, try a new restaurant, experiment with the recipes I have been downloading, host a high tea ... whatever.  Though the weather finally warmed up somewhat on Sunday, most of my weekend was spent at home.   And most of my stitching time was spent on finishing.  I am hoping to get to the sewing and assembly finishes of at least 20 projects this month.  I didn't get any finishing done in January and February so Ihave a lot of catching up to do.
Monthly Stitching: March entry from the Prairie Schooler Year Round leaflet [done], a name tree ornament and one more Town Square ornament.  These will be my smalls for all the Tuesdays this month.  In the unlikely event I finish all three before month's end, I'll pull my Fertile Circles Needle Book from the UFO basket.


Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG look at all that finishing you got done!!!! On one hand it must be fun to have a daily rotation like that but on the other hand I'm sure sometimes you just want to keep going on one particular project!

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the gorgeous finishes Regina. I am going to attempt to start a monthly rotation.


pandy said...

That bat is going to be soo cute when you're done it!

Julie said...

A post full of lovely work, well done.
The thread colour on the name tree is beautiful.

blue star stitcher said...

I love the beaded edge you used on your Prairie Schooler Santa ornament!

Rita said...

Beautiful work!

CathieJ said...

I love all of your stitching. How do you attach your cording? Do you use any special kind of stitch. I have a small that I want to surround with cording to make a pretty hanging piece, but I am hesitant to mess it up.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great writhes week, your finished ornies look lovely.