Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's Next?

I am closing in on finishes for the larger pieces in my stitching rotation.  Not quite yet, but soon.  It's time to do a little browsing through the binders to pick the next pieces for the rotation.  

Monday's piece is a BAP so the logical choice is Piper's Christmas Stocking.  But I may be rethinking the whole plan of adapting a Dimensions Gold design not meant for a stocking.  I have a feeling I'll be browsing some sites for stocking charts.  I know I want to order Teresa Wentzler's Woodland Santa stocking for Rocco.  I may find something equally suitable for Piper.  It'll break my rule about ordering new charts, but, hey, we're talking grandchildren here!  But if I do choose to order new charts, what shall I stitch in the meantime?  The Jacobean Elegance Afghan hasn't seen any action in quite a while and, if finished by April or May, it would make a great birthday or Mother's Day gift for my Mom.  

Tuesday's piece is always a small.  Once I've finished the Mint tea towel, I'll have to choose another small chart.  I have Sean's Name Tree ornament from M Design's in my stitching bag.  That will do nicely and will carry on a long standing practice of mine of doing a little Christmas stitching in January.  After that, it'll be the Prairie Schooler Year Rounds and Town Square ornaments.

Wednesday's piece follows a theme.  In 2014, it was dragons.  I think, in 2015, it shall be Workbasket's Quaker animals.  I haven't worked on the charts for my quilt in a very long time indeed.

The class piece for Thursday's is an easy pick: Victoria Sampler's Sturbridge Box.  I'll be taking a class with Thea Dueck in October and would like to have as many of her pieces done for Show & Tell night as possible.Here is a photo of the completed box lid.  I do have to frog out one heart in the upper right corner and re-stitch it correctly.

The second photo is one of the side panels of the lid.  The remaining three panels finish up the alphabet.    Once all the pieces of the box are stitched, there are the stitching accessories that go in it left to stitch: scissor case and fob, needle book and pin cushion.  This should keep me busy on Thursdays for several months to come.  

I'll keep Fridays for sewing and assembly finishing.  I really do have quite a lot of that to do.


Linda said...

Gorgeous stitching Regina. Your rotation sounds like a great idea.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Grandchildren are definitely an exception from any kind of diet!
The Victoria Sampler design is really lovely. Looking forward to seeing this one grow over the year.

Julie said...

Love the box lid, that's going to be stunning.
Ribbon embroidery is on my must try list for this year.
Nice Witchy charts in your giveaway.
Good luck with your plans for January.

Kaisievic said...

Wow! I adore your Sturbridge Box - it has definitely been added to my 123 Stitch wishlist!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching, Riona! :) Best wishes for the new year!

Anna van Schurman said...

One of my friends stitched that Jacobean afghan. It will be gorgeous when you finish!