Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall ...

 In Ann's blog, Stitching Foolishness, I found the perfect explanation for the lengthy class list that graces appears as a sidebar on this blog.  

She says: Apparently I have to let things age in the stash for three or four years before I become inspired to complete the stitching on them

Apparently, I have the same disorder but a somewhat more severe case.  Some of my projects have been aging nearly a decade.

This isn't the first time that another stitching blogger has held up a mirror before me and shown me a few home truths about myself.  It's one of the reasons I read a dozen or so blogs on a regular basis.  Not only do I get to expand my range by living vicariously through other stitchers but I learn about my own stitching persona as well!  So I guess that, for me, Maleficient's question becomes

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
Who's the most Compleat * Stitcher of them all?

 I want to find that stitcher and read his or her blog!

* referencing an ancient tome called The Compleat Angler.  If fishermen can have a perfect model encompassing all the skills and quirks of their avocation, why not stitcher's as well?  

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Maggee said...

Oh I have the same tendency. But lately I am changing my mind about some of them, and either tossing them as they are, or picking out what stitching there is, and if no stitching, adding the fabric back into the stash! Hugs!