Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Town Square SAL Finish

Well, that's one of my November goals accomplished!  This is The Frame Shop designed by Patti Connor for East Side Mouldings.  This is stitched over two on a 36ct blue linen called Meditation, using one strand of the recommended WDW and GAST fibers.  

I did make a few changes to the design.  Since these Town Square charts are all going to be Christmas tree ornaments, I eliminated the piles of Fall leaves and the rake as well as the bizarre gold smudges on the walls and windows.  I still can't figure out what those smears of color were supposed to represent.  Not being able to view a color photo of the stitched model can be a disadvantage at times.  I added some back stitching to keep the piece consistent with the ornaments already stitched.  I believe it gives the design a crisper, cleaner look.  I also dispensed with the two JABCo star buttons in much the same gold as WDW Bright Leaf as I saw no need for them once I'd eliminated the Bright Leaf smudges.  Also, since there was nothing distinctive in the design to make it a framing shop, I added frames to the signage.  Without them, the building could as easily have been a dentist's office as a frame shop.

I think the next two charts from this series that I'll be stitching are the very simple and straightforward Honey Shop and the far more complex and detailed Milady's Tea Shoppe.  One easy and quick piece and one more detailed piece, I think that'll make a nice balance.  And if I get them both done in December, that will go a small way to make up for all the months that I didn't stitch an ornament from this series.  Here is a photo of the GAST fibers kitted up for The Honey Shop.  The only one I didn't have in my stash was Grasshopper.  I checked the website to see the shade which turns out to be a soft beige, darker than DMC ecru but not quite as dark as GAST Chamomille.  I am sure I have something suitable I can substitute.  I may have to check my Crescent Colours or WDW stash, though.


Vickie said...

I like your changes. It turned out great.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's a very nice house/shop.
Maybe the smudges were meant to be picture frames viewed through the windows?
It is hard when there isn't a photo though!