Saturday, November 30, 2013

1000th Post: A small celebration and a giveaway

I began blogging on 8/24/07.  That means it's taken me a little over 6 years to reach this landmark 1,000th post.  Incidentally, I passed the 100,000th page view mark earlier this month which means I have been averaging 100 page views per post.  Of course, early on, the page views were in the very low numbers but lately they have been averaging between 120-130 per post.  I am something of a statistics junkie and I like to compete with myself.  So the growth of my blog has been one of my minor pleasures.  I know there are other far more popular stitching blogs with far more followers but I am content with what I have accomplished.

So, I thought I would celebrate by having one of those companies that prints and binds blog entries into an actual book make one of my blog for me.  Basically, this blog is a better version of my old hand-written stitching journals since I can now incorporate photos in the entries.  So it would be logical to have it available in book form as well ... just to page through whenever I want a trip down memory lane without tying up a shared computer for hours.  It would also serve as a nice back-up.

As to the giveaway, I thought I'd spread a little stitching joy around by offering a $25 gift certificate to to one of my readers.  Just post your answer to the following question in the comments section:

Which of my own personal favorites would you select as best post of the lot?  Why?
1.  Dec. 20, 21, 24, 27, 2011: Santas on Parade, Santas on Parade the Ornaments, Santas on Parade: the Sue Hillis Collection, Santas on Parade Fini.  I consider this one post in four parts since it covers just one topic.
2.  Nov. 13, 2010:  The Design Process
3.  Oct. 6, 2012: All Hallow's Eve Stitchery
4.  Nov. 3, 2012: Thanksgiving Stitching
5.  Apr. 9, 2010: Some Thoughts on Pricing Trends in Stitching
6.  Jul. 7, 2011:  Totems and Talismans

Please note that the second part of the question, "Why?" will be used to select the winner of the gift certificate.   I'll pick a winner on Dec. 6 which will give folks a week to enter.


Vickie said...

5. Some Thoughts On Pricing Trends
I agree with you EXACTLY, that is why! I have never read a post that more accurately describes my exact feelings and position on stitchy spending. I do not spend much on stitching. While I am not approaching retirement, we have one in college and two headed there shortly. Money is very tight! I cannot justify spending it on pricey charts. I cannot do it.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I love your posts on Santa's. I can never get enough of Santa. Sue Hillis and Prairie Schooler are two of my favorite designers.
I feel that Santa keeps us young at heart and you have shown many Santa's and they show the true Santa's at heart.

CalamityJr said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I enjoy reading your blog; sorry I don't comment as often as I should. (Should I admit here that I sneak in some blog reading at work, so can't allow myself the time to let you know I've been here?)

I'm going to choose the design post as my favorite, as much as I enjoy seeing your collections. Posting stitching photos is expected on a cross stitching blog, so your sharing other aspects is an unexpected treat. As someone who often changes a design to please myself more than the original did, I enjoy seeing how you do the same and come up with such pleasing proportions and colors.

Thanks for blogging AND sharing!

Trinabelle said...

While I could identify in large part with a number of your selected posts (Design Process, Thanksgiving, Pricing), your post on Totems & Talismans really made me pause and look inward.

Why? To answer that, one would only have to peek inside the hutch in my dining room. In it, you'll find a rather odd collection of what's spoken to me or been important to me at different stages of my life.

My collections range from humpback whales (I was considering becoming a marine biologist), to rubber ducks (my early years as a young mother who tried to always be fun, happy & smiling).

Somewhere along the way, as my children grew and I gained little pockets of time to look inward, I found myself drawn to dragonflies. This affinity has remained for years now & it's visible all around my home.

Twice, I've been surrounded by a swarm of dragonflies and I can only describe it as making me feel jubilantly peaceful. Odd combo, right? At some point, I think I'll figure out their meaning in my life, but for now, I'll simply enjoy their beauty.

Linda said...

Thank you for the great giveaway Regina. My favorite post is #1.
I love Christmas. I loved seeing all the Santa's that you have stitched over the years. I have those Sue Hillis charts but have never stitched one of them. I really enjoyed seeing all the Prairie Schooler Santa's. I am currently working on Santa's 12 Days of Christmas. Your ornaments are all lovely, even the ones you first made. I am finishing challenged and have made none of them into ornaments. I am envious of your finishing. You do a fantastic job.


Maggee said...

Congrats--I started blogging in 2007 also! But on Multiply! Then I moved to Blogger in 2009 I think! I wonder how many posts I have done--I am gonna check that now! Lately it has been hard to keep up, but I try on the weekends. I pick the #5 Pricing post! And it is because it rang true to what I was and still am feeling. I make a list of charts that I like (from other blogger's finishes!!) and over the year, I may get some or they come off the list... depends on how I feel right at that minute. Congrats again! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, hope I get entered in time.
I loved #3 as Halloween so such a fun day, and I have had black kitties and I'm on my 3rd little black kitty, all so very sweet. Never had a bad black kitty!
From: Chartreux on 123 Stitch

DebbieRae said...

Choosing one as the best is impossible! My mind goes back and forth between Hallowe'en and Totems and Talismans.

I hover over the Totems post because it resonates with me so much. I am drawn to religious beliefs that look to the earth as their spirituality. As you mentioned, it seems like some sort of Celtic memory coming through from the past. So I want to choose that post because of the feelings it evokes.

But the Hallowe'en post is personally motivating! You have so many wonderful pieces! They are finished, on display, given away! I have starts, and more starts, finishes in a pile, not very many are ready for display. So much gets in the way of doing my stitching, not the least of which is falling in love with yet another piece that has to be started. This post has given me the spark to start putting more energy into this passion of ours.

So - choosing? I choose Totems for the serenity and connection, and Hallowe'en for the spark of motivation!

Sandy said...

November 13, 2010 I love designing myself, and I find that I seem to duplicate your processing. I find designing to be just as relaxing as the actual stitching, and although I have never thought of publishing, when I show my finished product, I get good comments from friends and family. It is very rewarding to me.

missy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 1000th Post accomplishment.
My favorite post would be your * Apr. 9, 2010: Some Thoughts on Pricing Trends in Stitching*. I felt you and I were on the same page with how much to budget on new stitching designs. The prices keep soaring and my budget keeps shrinking. I like you look around and tend to shop 123stitchcom because the pricing is the BEST.

KIM said...

#5. Apr. 9, 2010: Some Thoughts on Pricing Trends in Stitching

I have to agree with your comments regarding costs and establishing a stitching budget. In the past I used to purchase anything that I thought was remotely cute thinking I would stitch it. About 7 years ago my ex and I split and I had zero money to live on let alone use on stitching so I sold off 90% of my stash to purchase Egypt Garden and the supplies to stitch it. That made me take stock on my spending in the future. After going through a bad divorce with an even worse financial outcome (that's a whole another story there) and my son and I being homeless for 2 years while I finished my degree and now living with my daughter because I can't find a job that pays enough to live on my own due to this still damaged economy I watch every penny I spend and will only purchase what I am sure to stitch. My stash pile is small and eclectic. I do have a small pile of silk threads, and I only purchase good pieces of fabric that I'm sure to use. Every purchase now is well thought out because I can't afford the every rising prices to be wasteful with my spending.

Thank you for the invite on 123 to visit your blog. Its informative and you feature your lovely stitching and finishes.


Janice Boucher said...

Congratulations on your 1000th blog!!
My choice would definitely be Thanksgiving. I chose this because in today's world, with all the hype and hub bub of Christmas starting so early every year, Thanksgiving seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. It's merely a stepping stone from Halloween to Christmas. Thanksgiving is a beautiful family holiday and should be given it's rightful importance.

Theresa Meis said...

HI...congrats!! I have just started to blog and sadly need to stick with it. :-) It was a toss up between #3 and #4 for my favorite post--I went with #4 Thanksgiving--because I just love the whole concept of Thanksgiving. Being from a farming community..I love being able to pick my own pumpkins and gourds and feed stalks (milo) for natural decorating. We do this as a family--look forward to it every year. Also the family getting together to enjoy turkey and all the trimmings. Memories being made without all the commercialism! And the the seasonal designs and colors-the rich browns and rusts--colors of nature and the trees in our area. I just love Thanksgiving!! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

Stitchinowl said...

Congratulations on reaching your 1000th post! It's difficult to choose which post was my favorite. I am a Santa collector, so of course I loved reading the posts about your Santa stitching. Still, the Hallow's Eve Stitching post was my "favorite among favorites". I read that post at the time you wrote it. It inspired me at the time to stitch more Halloween pieces. I also liked reading your little stories behind each finish, whether it was the color changes you made, why you chose to stitch the pieces, or how you finished them. As a stitcher, I love the analysis of other stitchers' selections as much as seeing their finishes.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post! I have less than 300 so some way to go to catch up.

I ejoyed all those posts especially the design process one but I think my absolute favourite has to be the Hallowe'en Round Up. There were so many lovely designs on that page, it really is one of my favourite stitching themes too.

Your book sounds like a great idea too. Hope you enjoy reading through it.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations on reaching your 1000th post!!!

Eva said...

What a wonderful give-away! Thanks for the chance!

My favorite post is #1, specifically the Sue Hillis Santas! Why? Because I just adore all of Sue's designs, and the Santas are so cute and whimisical!