Sunday, August 18, 2013

Found It!...and a bit more progress

I finally found the miscount in the border I stitched around Plum Street Sampler's Be True. Two thirds of the way across the bottom leg of the border, I let the rice stitches slip down one thread.  I'll be frogging about a third of the border. Once I have finished frogging and restitching the necessary rice stitches, I'll fill in the remaining spaces with satin stitches in Belle Soie Beanstalk.  Then I will back stitch the border in black.  It's irritating to have to do so much work but I should have been more careful ad/or observant in the first place.

And some current progress photos

Town Square SAL: The DMC Cross Stitch Shop: The top two floors are stitched and back-stitched and I have begun work on the ground floor.  I decided to half-stitch the windows in Belle Soie Bahama Breeze.  But once I had done so, the letters, DMC, faded into the backround.  I decided to back stitch them in just one shade darker than theirWDW Curry, using DMC 729.  It was enough to give the letters subtle definition without spoiling the designer's intended effect of letters painted on glass.   Though this will be one of the taller buildings in the series, it's no wider than most of them and the finished ornament won't look out-of-place on my Town Square Christmas tree.  What with the fiasco of the Be True sampler, it is a relief to see this project moving along smoothly and at a good pace.

Teresa Wentzler's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking: I know it is difficult to see but I have finished filling in all the confetti snow in section 7 of the chart as well as the back stitching.  I'll be moving in to sections 4 & 5 next which will be mostly trees and the angel's robes.  These should stitch up more quickly as they contain larger swathes of color.    I am in dire need of really seeing some progress on this piece instead simply knowing I am making progress.  This is especially true since once I move onto the angel's wings I will get bogged down in the same confetti stitching of a dozen or more blended needles. 


Vickie said...

Oh man! That is a lot of unstitching. I am sorry to hear that.

Julie said...

Loving the stocking.

Linda said...

You've made considerable progress on the stocking - it's going to be wonderful.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry to hear about the frog, that is so frustrating.

The stocking is looking good. Regular photos are the best way to see any progress.