Thursday, August 8, 2013

Antiquing Adventures

My husband and I took a quick trip up to the Coxsackie area where we visited two of those enormous consignment barns that are a cross between an antique mall and a thrift shop.  You know the sort of place: where you can find everything from a Civil War era Colt pistol worth thousands of dollars to old mechanical banks worth hundreds to fine silver to china of all grades and patterns to antique clothing to estate jewelery to knick knacks worth just a few dollars and so on and so on and so on.

Such places can be overwhelming with so much to see at every turn.  One simply can't do those sort of places justice and I don't really try.  I go in prepared to focus on certain goals.  On this last trip I was looking for some ruby red glassware, some tea strainers and spoons and stitching collectibles such as pin cushions, chatelaines, needle cases and such like.  But I never go in so focused that I am closed off to the unusual or interesting finds not quite on my mission list.

So what did I find?

I will giving these two pieces to my sister-in-law as a birthday gift [the goblet] and as a Christmas gift [the Anchor Hocking 6" bowl].  She collects Ruby Red glassware, making it ever so easy to find gifts I know she will appreciate

The last piece, a 3" Anchor Hocking bowl, I will keep for myself.  I believe it will make a lovely jam bowl for tea and scones.  None of the pieces cost more than $8 and the small bowl was only $4.

 This silver plated tea strainer on a stand.  This piece was badly tarnished but only $8 and I figured I could afford the risk of disappointment.  When I got it home and began cleaning and polishing it, I discovered that the glue from the price sticker had corroded and pitted the silver beneath it [or the price sticker was used to mask a corroded spot].  Which wouldn't have been so bad if the spot hadn't been right in the middle of the strainer bowl.  There was also some stubborn grime on the handle of the strainer and in one tiny section of the rim.
Judging by the greenish tinge, I suspect it is the residue of old silver polish never properly rinsed off.  I will continue to work at it.  But since I like the intricate design of the piece, with the dragons on the stand and the floral scroll work on the strainer rim, I am seriously considering taking it to the local jeweler and having it professionally cleaned and re-silvered if necessary.  It is difficult to read the stamp on the underside of the strainer without better magnification but I think it said "Italy".   Once properly cleaned up, it will make such a lovely addition to my tea table.  

And, last but not least, this hand carved Santos.  I love folk art but particularly covet wood carvings.  According to the label this is supposed to be St. Joseph but without a T-square and hammer or a lily, the conventional symbols of St. Joseph, I am uncertain as to the true identity of my saint.  I might have called this fellow a monk but there is no tonsure.  So that riles out St. Francis, St. Benedict and St. Anthony, among many others.  An apostle?  A bishop?  I am not at all certain but he does seem a rather stern fellow.  But the primitive style of the carving is enough to make me treasure the piece.


Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I love what you bought....those are so pretty.

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I just wanted you to be aware of this.

Happy Stitching!

Vicky said...

Awesome finds :)

Linda said...

Beautiful pieces.


Julie said...

Lovely finds

Maggee said...

Oooh... great finds, all of the pieces! I love places like that! Have never seen a tea strainer but that is so neat! Hugs!