Saturday, August 31, 2013

Assessing August Goals, Setting September Goals

August has been a month of recovering my stitching equilibrium amidst all the chores of a campaign to reorganize my household during a month long stay-cation.  So let's look at exactly how much was actually accomplished:
  • BAPs: Continue work on TWs Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.  I resumed work on this project and finished stitching section 7.  I have started sections 4 and 5 and am quite pleased with my progress so far.
  • Class Projects Challenge: Continue work on Mystic Smalls.  I have set this aside for the moment, the stocking is a greater priority since I have a deadline.
  • Needlepoint: Continue work on Rice Pudding.  Well, I squeezed in an hour or two of stitching on this piece this month.  I guess that counts as continuing work on it.
  • New Start: Finish Plum Street Sampler's Be True.  Found the miscount and set it aside until I am in the mood to frog.
  • Sewing & Assembly Finishes: do three.  Technical difficulties here: my sewing machine keeps flashing the message that the motor is overheating and I can "continue to stitch when message disappears".  However, the message reappears after about an inch of sewing.  Thus it is off to the shop with the darned thing.  And, of course, the warranty just ran out so it'll be an out of pocket expense.
  • Town Square SAL: Finish The Cross Stitch Shop and stitch The Framing Shop.  Finished the DMC  Cross Stitch Shop.
  • UFOs: Continue work on The English Band Sampler.  Another piece I have set aside for the moment.
   All in all, I am rather pleased with this month's progress.  Perhaps not as much stitching as in the past but I have to admit my current allocation of leisure time is more balanced: I am reading more, cooking more, gardening more and getting out and about more.  I am also attending to my home a bit more diligently ... only a bit, of course, I wouldn't want to go overboard!  Even so, I have done considerably more stitching than in May, June and July put together.  

   Setting my goals for September will have to take this new equilibrium into account, especially since the back to school workload will also be in place.
  • BAPs: Concentrate major effort on TWs Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.  
  • Needlepoint: Continue work on Rice Pudding.
  • Town Square SAL: Stitch The Framing Shop..  


CalamityJr said...

I so admire your organization and knowing what your progress and goals really are. Hope the new school year treats you well and you're able to maintain the lovely balance you've worked out to keep your life happy and sane!

Julie said...

Well done on your accomplishments in August.