Friday, July 27, 2012

Waiting Room Stitching

Between driving my husband to the doctor's office and catching up on a few regularly scheduled tests and exams of my own, I have spent a fair amount of time in waiting rooms this past week.  I always carry a project with me.  I like something relatively easy to work even in uncertain light: a 28ct linen or a Laguna or some other evenweave.  My current purse project is Primitive Needle's Thy Needle.    This was kitted by the LNS with 28ct WDW Tin Roof linen and it was only after I was well into the project that I noticed that it should have been kitted with 40ct linen.  It should have been obvious from the start that 28ct would have yielded a pin pillow suitable only for a giantess ... but I was thinking more about the quaint design than the endgame when I picked up the piece.  I particularly like the borders [top and bottom] which will be stitched solidly in alternating blocks of color around the coin shapes and with even more color accenting the scalloped edge.  And , of course, there is still the tombstone angel to stitch above the text ... one of the signature motifs of the Primitive Needle designer.  I will use the 28ct version to make a storage case for my knitting needles and re-stitch the design on 40 ct as a pin pillow at some later date.    

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mdgtjulie said...

Lots of progress, Riona. I know how waiting rooms are, as I've been in some lately too. Glad you got a lot accomplished. (At least you're doing something useful!!)