Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Bit More Stitching, A Bit More Sewing

I have picked up Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie again and have started filling in Block 5.  Perhaps I'll have enough done in a day or two to warrant a photo.  Nothing terribly exciting: just more text.

I have been leaving my sewing machine on the dining room table as a way to motivate myself to get a bit of finishing done and it appears to be working.  From January to June, I didn't manage a single sewing or assembly finish.  But since July began, my little sidebar of sewing finishes has shown steady growth.  My most recent finishes include The Sampler Tree pin pillow, Riona's Book Shelf Boomark and the Celtic Knot Bookmark Unfortunately, my camera decided it needed to recharge just as I started to take a photo of the Bookshelf bookmark.  Just my luck!  I also prepped the boards for my little Spring Basket scissor fob and hope to get that and the Holly & Hearts ornament assembled tonight.  I have a laundry basket full of pieces requiring finishes, so I expect the sewing machine will remain in the dining room for the rest of the summer and well into the fall ... but of what year, I wonder.

Just a note about bookmarks:  I know there is a minor controversy about how to back bookmarks.  Most "kit" bookmarks come with a felt backing which I consider way to thick.  On several boards, I have read that people like to use iron on pellon, the stuff usually used to line and stiffen collars and waistbands when sewing.  I think that leaves a rather unfinished look to something I worked on.  I used to sew an unbleached muslin backing to my bookmarks.  But now I use pieces cut from an old flannel sheet.  It is just the right thickness and is very soft.


Vickie said...

A laundry basketful?!? Wow!!
Thanks for more ideas on how to back those bookmarks.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've just read 6 posts back-to-back which really makes it seem like you're stitching and finishing like a demon!
I love the JBW Tree, at first I didn't see the letters but it's such a clever design. I've nearly finished their Noah's Ark.