Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Goals Assessment

Block 3

Finish Block 3 of Black'd Skie  Block 3 is finished and, as an added bonus, so is Block 4.
HOE Christmas Bird ornament exchange:  DONE AND MAILED. 

Since I seem to have recovered a bit of my stitching momentum, I am going to be slightly more ambitious with my JULY GOALS ... but only slightly. I wouldn't want to fall back into my old habits of assuming I can accomplish far more than is actually possible.  I tend to believe I can do so much more that is actually credible!
2011 WIPs:  Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie.  Finish Block 5 and 6.
2012 WIPs:  Finish Part I of the the English Band Sampler from SANQ. Start Part II.
2012 Class Projects Crazy Challenge:  Finish Japanese Kogin Tea Cozy.
Sewing Finishes:  Tackle at least two or three from the laundry basket full of finished pieces awaiting a final non-framing finish.

The reason I hope to have Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie done in July is that it is a memorial to my Dad who died 25 years ago on May 27th.  He would have been 85 years old this July 21st.  I am not sure just where I will put his iniitials just yet but I will be working them into this sampler before I am done.  Another reason: a blogging acquaintance of mine, Edgar from Blacksheep's Bit of the Web, was kind enough to compliment my Black'd Skie.  Knowing, from my faithful reading of his blog, that he has done a number of Lisa's design, I asked him if he had this one in his stash.  It turns out he does not, so I'll be forwarding it on to him when I am through.  I hate waste and it would be a terrible waste if I just let this copy languish in a binder when someone else could be enjoying it.

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