Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santas on Parade: Fini ... & A Contest

Here is a banner stitched from an old Shepherd's Bush design, Christmas Kringle. I made it up years ago but am only putting it out for the first time this year because I had it packed away so carefully, I had forgotten about it. And here is a close-up shot of the stitched portion of the banner. Out of sight, out of mind! The same can be said for a beautiful framed piece from Heartstrings, The Sugarplum Season, which was stitched and framed back in 2007 and is currently so carefully sored as to be inaccessible. Oh, well, maybe next year! I also stitched a number of the Heartstrings Designer Series Santa for one of my sisters and a gorgeous Woodland Santa from Celebrations magazine which I framed and kept in my office till I gave it to one of the teachers who loved it when our parish school closed ... and a primitive Woodland Santa stocking for my eldest son ... and all the Dragon Dreams JCS Ornament issue Santa with dragon ornaments for my daughter ... but again, alas, before my blogging and photographing days ... so no photos. I have also stitched a number of gift totes featuring Santa, but those too were given away before I got into the habit of photographing my finished pieces. But here is one more Santa, actually one of Dragon Dreams' contributions to the annual JCS ornament issue some years back, except I chose to stitch it on a tea towel. Ornament designs tend to fit pretty nicely on this particular style of towel. It seems I have stitched dozens of Santas over my 40+ years of stitching. Certainly, it has been two or three Santas a year, until fairly recently. With the exception of a few ornament sized Santas annually [probably Homespun Elegance or Prairie Schooler], I think I am pretty much done with Santa ... unless, of course, something really irresistible comes along. I wonder how long it will take me to tire of dragons and faeries or of Quaker samplers or of angels or of witches ... the next most numerous subjects of my stitching. What subjects do you, my readers, find yourself stitching over and over? Leave a comment about your stitching passions and I will choose the one that interests me most and stitch the winner a small gift. I'll keep this contest open till Little Christmas, January 6.


Nicole A said...

I am a self-proclaimed snowmen-aholic! :) Found your blog from 123-stitch! Give mine a look, too?


Nicole in MA


missy said...

Santa's!!! I have stitched so many Santa themed ornaments over the years. I can't count how many Prairies Schooler Santa's I have stitched. Great question.


Stitchinowl said...

What a great idea to stitch the Dragon Dreams ornie on a towel. Very cute. I find myself stitching snowmen, santas, and samplers. I have enough of these themes in my stash to last many lifetimes!

blueladie said...

I don't know that I repeat the same motif, but I am drawn over and over again to Christmas themed projects... ornaments, pictures, houses, villages, 12 days, etc. Thanks for your contest. :) Cathryn (blueladie at hotmail dot com)

Bronny said...

Of course, you would know me from 123 as baaa-ronny - at least for 2011.
My themes seem to last for a year - 2010 was Snowmen
2011 has been sheep.
2012 to be announced tomorrow.
I have a lot of Santa's I'd like to stitch - perhaps 2013 will be the year of the Santa???
Thank you for this chance.

Donna's Stitching said...

unicorns, wizzards, dragons, santas and quaker I love your blog


scotstwinmum said...

Thanks for the contest, I would have to say cats, I love them, I have a black and white 2 year old, and have a cat wall not all stitching. I have piccies and ornaments galore :)

pandy said...

I tend to do a lot of dragons, but that is because I stitch a lot for my gaming friends and they all happen to be men, lol. I like patterns that don't call for a lot of thread changes. For myself I like to stitch cats, because well, I am a crazy cat lady afterall. :) I'm working on a Brittercup Designs cat right now for a client of mine. She has a 24 year old cat named Ham, and I noticed that he's getting a bit thinner/more tired. I'm starting to think his time might be running out, which can be expected for a 24 year old cat! I changed the colour of the Britty Kitty from black to orange to match him. He's a funny old guy and I think she'll really like this.

I really like all your santas. I've only done one, but next year will be two! (then three.. and four?)

Anonymous said...

I loved your Santa finishes over the years! Some of my favorite stitching themes are ... Bunnies, little houses, bees and beehives, blackwork, smalls, and samplers...particularly anything with specialty stitches and band samplers and Quakers.

I am looking forward to seeing what you have picked!

Bette said...

You have some lovely Santas there. Me, I love to stitch turkeys, pumpkins, flowers, Lizzie Kates and samplers. Usually anything with bright colors will catch my eye. Thanks for offering this chance.

Anonymous said...

Over the last two years I have probably stitched over 100 reindeers. I LOVE REINDEER. They make me think of the movie Prancer,which is my favorite Christmas movie.


Mother of Mayhem said...

Your question really gave me pause, Riona, to think about my preferences over the last 15+ year obsession with cross stitch. I can say that my overriding interest has always been stitching seasonal items. When I first started stitching, everything I stitched had a country influence; I stitched a lot of houses, quilt lines, cows, pigs, sheep, etc. I got heartily sick of stitching country so I delved into stitching anything art nouveau or art deco next. I loved the fluidity and graceful sinous lines or sharp angles depending on what I was working on. Now, I still stitch seasonals but I have branched into stitching quakers and inspirational patterns. The patterns I have bought recently seem to have also melded my past interests, i.e. I have AAN seasonals and the Quilty Neighborhood series from Annie Beez Folk Art as WIPs.

Karen in Maryland

crazybeads said...

I am another Santa fan but also like small Christmas trees,reindeers seems to be creeping into Chrsitmas as well ,samplers and quakers quakers & quakers.
This year I have only stitched decorations on my tree ..over 50 of them....and I love looking at it..so many hours of stitching gone on there

Loved seeing all your Santas
Barb crazybeads

dianecally said...

I tend to stray towards things for little girls bedrooms. But I prefer Christmas things.
I love all your Santas............thanks for the contest.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good question!
I'm a bit of a stitching tart, I'll stitch almost anything.
I tend towards samplers and fantasy for preference.
I have alot of angels thanks to the Mira and L&L Christmas freebies. I also like little houses too. And cats. And monochrome. And so on ....
I don't like realistic florals and cute teddies.
My blogging association with Americans is building my love for hallowe'en stitching too!

Kimberly R. said...

I love samplers especially antique reproduction, Vierlanden and Quaker. I also love geometric types such as Ink Circles designs.

kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com