Saturday, December 31, 2011

Assessing 2011 Goals/Project Inventory

So, let's see how I managed:
01. Stitch from stash, limiting purchase of new charts to five. Used up my five chart allowance by July 10 and only ended up purchasing one chart over my set limit during the remainder of the year.

02. Blog at least every other day: I have managed to keep this up, sometimes blogging daily.
03. Complete three BAPs: Stockings for Piper and Liam as well as TW's Autumn Faerie for Angela. Finished the Teresa Wentzler's Autumn Faerie in June. I was doing well on another Teresa Wentzler piece, Tracery Dragons, until I hit a stitcher's block in mid October. Piper's and Liam's stockings will have to be deferred to 2012.
04. Participate in the Crazy January 2011 Challenge. I have completed 12 of the 15 challenges. The factor that kept things from being a total sweep was that the remaining three are all BAPs: TW's Tracery Dragons, Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie, & Allesandre Adelaide's Zucca. Some of the earlier projects were near-BAPs as well; so I don't feel a complete failure. Just my usual overly-optimistic self!
05. Catch up and keep up with sewing finishes. Have made some progress but this is a bottomless well. As of 11/11, I had completed 29 sewing finishes equalling my cross-stitch finishes as of that date .
06. Complete one medium project a month, concentrating on Christmas, Halloween and Quaker charts. January [1] - Workbasket's Quaker Santa. February [1] - Sue Hillis Cookie Santa. March [0]. April [3] - Dragon Dream's The Ice Dragon's Kingdom, Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher and Witches Stitch, Too. May [1] - Barrick's Samplers' The Gilded Cage. June [0]. July [0]. August [2] - Sue Donelley's Hear the Sea Call and Heartstrings Earth Day 2011 Sampler. September [0]. October [1] - The Friendship Sampler. November: [0]. December/0. For a total of 9 so far.
07. Stitch a few more Valentine's Day and Wedding Anniversary ornaments. I deferred this goal till 2012 since I had so many other stitching challenges going this year.
08. Get to the bottom of the UFO basket. I have also deferred this to 2012 and have joined a UFO Challenge starting January 2012.
09. Paint the walls of the stitching-room-to be and refinish some of the furntiture that will occupy it. Deferred.
10. Learn to knit. I finally signed up to join the local Knitting Circle at the High School adult education center which started in October. It turns out I didn't "click" with the teacher ... I'll have to look for another class in 2012. I did learn a new and better method of casting on though, so all was not lost though it was a rather expensive lesson at $60.

Now for my 2011 Project Inventory:

32 Cross Stitch Finishes
1 BAP:
Teresa Wentzler's Autumn Faerie.
2 Large (but not quite a BAP) Projects: Sue Hillis' Cookie Santa and Dragon Dream's The Ice Dragon's Kingdom.
6 Medium Projects: Barrick's Sampler's The Gilded Cage; Heartstrings Earth Day 2011 Sampler; Homespun Elegance's Witches Stitch, Too!; Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher; Sue Donnelly's Hear The Sea Call; Workbasket's Quaker Santa.
3 Small Projects: BBD's A Bird in Hand; Goode Huswife's Friendship Sampler; Martina's Easter Rabbit
20 Smalls: Ornaments and Floss Tags: Town Square SAL Theatre, CEC's Sophie's First Annual Christmas Ornament, Aury's 2011 Quaker Red, White & Blue Heart; Glory Bee's Flag and Liberty; PS Promo Card: Summer House/Rain; PS Free Chart: Pheasant Cock & Hen; PS Eagle & Shield ornament; Week's Dye Works Town Square Town Hall; Jane Greenoff's Blackwork Owl; La-D-Da's Town Square Schoolhouse; Lizzie Kate Cozy Christmas Wishes ornament for HOE; DeeBee Design's Town Square Church; The Knotted Tree Design's Town Square Post Office; Prairie Schooler Autumn exchange piece; PS Promotional Card Winter House; PS Promotional Card Autumn Barn; PS Promotional Card Spring House; Aury's 2010 Red, White & Blue Quaker Heart; Town Square SAL Fire Station; The Victoria Sampler Hearts of America: Connecticut.

29 Sewing and Assembly Finishes
7 Pin Pillows:
Heart in Hand Wee Bee; Black Bird Designs Bird in Hand; "I love to shop at Silver Needle." ; Goode Huswife's Friendship Sampler; Glory Bee's Liberty; Martina's Easter Rabbit; Prairie Schooler Autumn Barn.
15 Ornaments: Town Square SAL Train Depot; Town Square SAL Town Hall; Town Square SAL Saloon; Town Square SAL Clock Tower; Town Square School; Town Square SAL Post Office; Town Square SAL Church; Town Square SAL Fire Station; Prairie Schooler's Eagle with Shield; Aury's 2011 Quaker Heart; Greenoff's Blackwork Owl; Victoria Sampler's Connecticut Heart; Workbasket's Quaker Santa; Time for Tea.
5 Needlework Accessories: Four Prairie Schooler Promo Cards as floss tags; Blackbird Designs Quaker Medallion Strawberry Emery.
2 Tote Bags: Erin's Garden; Leisure Arts Teddy Bear.

Ongoing WIPs/UFOs.

2010 projects: Workbasket's Quaker Sampler, the Jacobean Elegance motif afghan; Beach Find Pansies; Fertile Circles Needlebook.

2011 WIPs: the Crazy January Challenges T. W. Wentzler Tracery Dragons, Allesandre Adelaide's Zucca and Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie as well as a non-challenge start, Praire Grove Peddler's Lighthouse Candle Mat and a class project, The Sturbridge Box. Finishing these up will be a 2012 objective.

Monthly Giveaways in 2010: 19 gently used or new charts, 1 cross stitch kit, 1 quilt pattern, 2 gift certificates to 123stitch, 2 hand made items [a pin pillow and an Ort Jar] and 6 cards of linen floss.

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