Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wentzler Wednesday Redux

This dedicated Wentzler Wednesday notion is really working. It has converted a UFO that was a weight on my conscience to a piece I look forward to stitching on regularly. Finally, I am making rapid progress and I am nearly done with Section II, just a bit of the skirt and hand to do. Hey, this may actually be a Christmas present for Ange in 2011. That would make it a mere two years later than planned but who's counting? I may have to follow this up with a Thea Thursday so I can finish up a set of class pieces from Thea Ducek Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway ... can that really have been four years ago this coming October???

What is it about stitchers and stitching that produces baskets filled with half-finished projects? I know there are a few very disciplined folk out there who stitch one project at a time, get their projects to the framer or produce a sewing finish within mere weeks of the cross-stitch finish. Such folk are atypical, though, if the blogs and boards I read are any indication of what really goes on! I wonder what prompts so many of us to invest so much time and energy in projects only to abandon them midway or, worse yet, do nothing with the finished piece!

Any theories, readers?


Eva said... raise some good questions...I have never actually abandoned a piece of stitching, but have at times lost interest in the piece only to have a renewed interest a few years later.

As to not doing anything with a finished piece...I am guilty of stitching things that I had not interest in framing or finishing, it was truly the "Joy in the Journey" that caused me to finish the stitching. Eventually, I do find someone to give it to, though.

Eva said...

You raise some thoughtful questions!

Although I will admit to abandoning a stitching project for awhile, I can honestly say that I eventually picked it up agin with renewed interested and finished it, even if it was a few years later.

I will also admit to have finished projects that I have not done anything with, but very few. In those cases, it was truly a "Joy in the Journey" rather than a need for the finished project. Eventually, I do find homes for these type of projects where they will be loved and admired.

mainely stitching said...

The joy is simply in the stitching - not the finishing, not the displaying, but simply the act of stitching.