Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Current Crazy January Challenge WIP

I worked on Witches Stitch, Too for today. It is finally beginning to take shape. It seemed to take forever to stitch the floor but the individual motifs are going quickly enough.

I am trying to keep to a disciplined rotation that balances my 2010 WIPs and UFOs with the 2011 Crazy January Challenge. With the exception of one off-list new start, Martina's Easter Bunny freebie, I have been quite faithful. Maybe by the end of 2011, I will not only have 15 Crazy January Challenges finished but will have whittled down the list of 2010 WIPs and UFOs, as well. I am hoping I have time to squeeze in a few new starts from my mis-named Current Projects binder. I have quite a few Quaker animal charts from Workbasket, quite a few dragon charts and at least half a dozen Autumn and Halloween charts in that binder. Then, there is the next Teresa Wentzler BAP in the pipeline. As soon as I finish the Autumn Faerie, I'd like to start The Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.

I do believe I'll have to create my own self-imposed 2012 Crazy Challenge, using whatever UFOs are left in my basket as the base ... or maybe I should tackle my sewing finishes. Or, maybe, 2012 should be my Year of the Dragon since I have eight dragon charts that I am itching to stitch. I've got to get a grip ... I am not even half way through 2011 and I am planning for 2012! Stitching has gone from a passion to a compulsion, it would seem.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Half way? We're a third of the way! Please don't start talking about 2012 yet! I can't think of it.