Saturday, April 9, 2011

Puttering about on Friday

I love Fridays ... especially when I don't have loads of errands to run. It's a relaxing day just made for puttering about: 20 minutes spent vacuuming, 30 minutes spent stitching, 30 minutes emptying/reloading the dishwasher and sweeping the kitchen floor, 30 minutes spent stitching, and so on throughout the day. Catching up on household chores at my own pace. It's a quiet day. I am home alone and can listen to music or not, put in a DVD or not. Sunday is a different sort of day off: one shared with my husband, companionably watching DVDs with him or reading together or whatever. Both kinds of days are enjoyable, each in their own way. But today I can be selfish, consulting only my own wishes. I can have lunch at 11am or 2pm or not at all, whenever I feel like fixing it, whenever I am hungry. In short, I can do whatever I please without worrying about someone else's needs or wants. Is it any wonder I enjoy my Fridays so very much?

I started my stitching today by continuing to work on TW's Autumn Faerie, finishing the apple and starting on the three leaves in Section II. As noted yesterday, picking one day a week to devote exclusively to my BAP has already produced satisfying progress. I find I am more inclined to continue with the piece after the designated Wednesday, at least until I finish one more element of the design, before putting it away till the next Wednesday. Anyway after taking nearly two years to complete the border and Section I, I feel like I am positively flying through Section II ... I figure just one more Wentzler Wednesday should see its completion, since there are only the leaves, a bit of skirt and some back-stitching to attend to.

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Gillie said...

I had a day like that yesterday! No housework but unpacking from our move. I sorted a room then had 15 minutes timed ! stitching. Worked well and I achieved quite a lot on both fronts!