Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Giveaway Winner & Sundry Other Stuff

And the winner is Nancy of Glory Bee. Everyone had a 1 in 5 chance of winning since there were very few participants. But I think karma was operating here since I had recently won a back issue of SANQ from Nancy ... and now I'll be sending her some nautical charts.

On the stitching front, I got very little else done since Monday was an 11 hour workday and since I have another 11 hour workday on Tuesday and a parish advisory board meeting on Wednesday evening, it seems those will be long days as well. So, all in all, not a good week for stitching ... at least, not at the beginning.

After starting my Day 10 project, I reverted to Day 7, and photocopied the stitching finish of the Connecticut heart so I could enlarge it slightly and make cardboard backings for a flat padded ornament. When I got home from work, I glued some heavy duty interfacing to the cardboard. Tomorrow morning, before heading out to work, I will select some fabric for the back and get started on my ornament finish. Then I will have to move on to my Day 11 start.


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Thanks so much! I will PIF when I am finisihed with the charts! Looking forward to seeing you progress on your stitching....Nancy

Rachel S said...

You have picked some really pretty charts to work on. It's hard to put them aside, but at this point, we're just putting them down for a few more days. It's just like a little weekend vacation from them. It's been a little easier for me if I have my ornament WIP nearby to tempt me.